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China Economy | Jan 18, 2018 AM

Shall we call Chinese men 'family spendthrift' as new report indicates they spend more in online shopping than Chinese women, by a large margin and for less worthy commodities?

Chinese women have long been branded as the family spendthrift, as they are the main money spender of most Chinese families, especially in online sho...

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Catwalk contest

Chinese Society | May 15, 2015 AM

Look: Bikini girls walk runway along cliff path 2000 meters above rocky ravine

Walking along cliff path is a challenge even for young tourists wearing sport shoes. A faint-hearted will feel legs crumble when looking down the pla...

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Illegal construction

Chinese Society | Nov 11, 2013 AM

'The most beautiful illegal constructions' of Haikou look like train running through the city

Usually illegal constructions in China are thought to be of low safety standard, shoddy quality, dull appearance or atop other buildings, but the one...

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Underground building

Chinese Society | Oct 1, 2013 AM

An 8-storey dilapidated building looks like part of the foundation of neighboring skyscrapers and roads in Chongqing

It seems that the eight-storey dilapidated building are part of the foundations of some neighboring high-rise buildings and streets in southwestern C...

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Ice sculpture

Environment | Mar 12, 2013 AM

Freezing temperature turns Changchun car covered with melt water into an ice sculpture

According to local residents the car has been parked under the flyover for several days. On the sunny day of March 9th, the relatively high temperatu...

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Tree hole painting

China Travel | Mar 2, 2013 AM

College student's tree hole painting catches a national sensation, and media call it brightens dull winter

Wang and her companions call the tree-hole paintings "meitu," which means "beautiful journey." The paintings on the trees along the Jiuzhong Road, Sh...

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World Expo 2010

Chinese Society | Oct 31, 2010 AM

Shanghai World Expo Ends; Drew 72 Million Visitors

SHANGHAI,October 31 -- Curtains came down today on the six- month-long 'Shanghai Expo', billed as the biggest and most expensive fair in which almost...

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Coal mine accident

Chinese Society | Oct 16, 2010 PM

Explosion in Chinese coal mine kills 20, traps 17

BEIJING -- The blast came shortly after the world was riveted by Chile's dramatic rescue of 33 trapped miners after they spent more than two months u...

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