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Extracurricular course

Chinese Society | Jan 20, 2018 AM

Report: Half of Chinese children have no playtime thanks to too much homework and extracurricular courses, over 70% of Chinese kids have own mobile phones and social accounts

The blue paper, titled Social Participation of Chinese Children in 2017, was co-released by the Chinese Youth and Children Research Center (CYCRC) an...

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Most congested city

China Travel | Jan 19, 2018 AM

Top 10 most traffic-congested cities of China in 2017 revealed and Beijing barely misses the championship

The report,  titled  2017 Transportation Conditions of major Chinese cities, was released by the domestic navigation company Amap on Jan 18...

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China Economy | Jan 18, 2018 AM

Shall we call Chinese men 'family spendthrift' as new report indicates they spend more in online shopping than Chinese women, by a large margin and for less worthy commodities?

Chinese women have long been branded as the family spendthrift, as they are the main money spender of most Chinese families, especially in online sho...

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vote the naughtiest

Chinese Society | Jan 17, 2018 AM

Is it a practice of democracy or actually a tyranny of the majority to let middle school students vote the naughtiest?

Chinese do want the right to vote, but certainly not this kind of voting.Last Friday, a parent from Xi'an city in northwestern China's Shaanx...

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Horse riding

Chinese Society | Jan 16, 2018 AM

Awesome daddy rode horse to pick up kid from kindergarten on car restriction day, and he was not fined

It is not necessarily a prince that rides a horse to pick up you, it could be your father!We have heard stories that Fuerdai (Rich second generation)...

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China Economy | Nov 16, 2013 AM

G-String? No, it is a multifunctional condom invented by Guangzhou students

Sex feeling, G-string, condom are all embarrassing words for most Chinese, but for 20-year-old university junior girl student Kong Yan from the Guang...

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Protest against Russia

Chinese Society | Mar 19, 2013 AM

'Return Chinese territory, take back communist theory', Chinese netizens greet Russian online embassy with verbally violent mass protest

Russian politicians must have been believing that they are one of the most welcome foreigners among Chinese people, as they opened a Weibo account on...

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Moral standard

Chinese Society | Aug 11, 2012 AM

Seeing no Chinese bystanders help a fallen old man, foreign woman shouted "Fuck Chinese"

August 11, 2012, Shanghai - According to a microblogging by Shanghai Liberation Daily reporter Zhu Chen, on the morning of August 10 an old man fell ...

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