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Half demolished

China Economy | Jan 4, 2014 PM

It is dangerous to live in these half demolished houses, but residents in Nanning have no choice

The dangerous buildings were left along both sides of the Changgang Road in Nanning, capital city of southwestern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autono...

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Partition stumps

Chinese Society | Jan 4, 2014 AM

Nanjing officials erect 80 stakes along a 50-meter long section of sidewalk to keep vehicles outside of pedestrian street

The dense crowd of stakes at entrance to the pedestrian street Changjiang Road make shoppers and sightseeing visitors entering the street feel like p...

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Cut finger

Chinese Society | Jan 4, 2014 AM

Jiangxi couple cut ring finger to attest allegiance to each other on wedding anniversary and New Year's Day

January 1st is the New Year’s Day and also the anniversary of their wedding ceremony for Mr. Cao and his wife Ms. Liu from Jingdezhen city, Jia...

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Sex scandal

Chinese Society | Dec 30, 2013 AM

Chief of Shenyang Health Bureau and female hospital director fired after online video reveals their adultery relationship

A man dating a woman frequently in hotels is usually not news, but if one or both parties are alleged to be officials,  it can become big China ...

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Chinese Society | Dec 29, 2013 AM

Wuxi court parades recalcitrant businessmen and individuals refusing to implement court verdict on large screen of shopping center

Calling them "old deadbeats", the Intermediate People’s Court of Wuxi city in East China's Jiangsu province publicized the names ...

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Ian Somerhalder

Environment | Dec 28, 2013 AM

Wearing a face mask, Ian Somerhalder shares his taste of Shanghai smog on Weibo: Such a beautiful day!

American heartthrob actor Ian Somerhalder, who stars bad boy vampire Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, has arrived in China on a charming tour ...

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Forced cremation

Chinese Society | Dec 27, 2013 AM

Anhui officials hate peasant being buried after death in the earth, excavate the grave open and burns his body on the spot

Cheng Zhaomu, an old peasant of Jingxian county, Anhui province died on December 13th and according to his will, his children placed his body in a co...

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Nail house

Chinese Society | Dec 25, 2013 AM

This nail house in Qingdao stands like a lone island in middle of a construction site

Nail houses that refer to homes belonging to people who refuse to make room for development are really common thing in China and on the Christmas Day...

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Street advertisement

China Economy | Dec 9, 2013 AM

Typical street view in China: that is too many advertisements on this pedestrian bridge in Harbin

You can see advertising banners, flyers, stickers, tear-offs on road signs, telephone poles, apartment walls in all Chinese cities, but this pedestri...

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Uncut banknote

Chinese Society | Dec 8, 2013 AM

Generous Tianjin parents give 99 rolls of uncut bills worth 10 million yuan as part of the dowry to their daughter ahead of lavish wedding

Wealthy Tianjin parents gave their daughter a gorgeous dowry that included real estate properties, luxury cars, and 99 rolls of uncut banknotes of va...

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Environment | Dec 7, 2013 AM

'Feed the people with smog whole-heartedly': Heavy smog shrouds North, East and Central China with Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shanghai the hardest hit areas

Latest statistics from Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection shows that air pollution in more than 104 cities in 20 provinces of China has rea...

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Feed people smog

Environment | Dec 7, 2013 AM

'Feed people smog' becomes new buzzword in China as severe air pollution turns Shanghai, the 'demon capital' of China into 'smog capital'

Shanghai, China’s financial hub dubbed as Demon Capital of China by Chinese netizens, appears determined to compete with Beijing, China’s...

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Well dweller

Chinese Society | Dec 6, 2013 PM

Beijing officials hate marginalized people living in wells, seal them off with concrete

We all know there are a great number of "rat people" cramming in underground windowless rooms in Beijing and many people across the country...

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Forced demolition

Chinese Society | Nov 27, 2013 AM

'Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory, this house belongs to Xie Taiyang'; Jiangxi man erects stone monument protesting against forced demolition

A stone monument erected on a construction site in Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province has drawn a large crowd of spectators online, Xinhua reported on Mo...

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Chinese Society | Nov 26, 2013 AM

Do USA and Japan over-react to the newly announced Air Defense Identification Zone of China; Check the map: ADIZ of China VS that of Japan

China’s Ministry of National Defense announced an "East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)" effective as of 10 am on No...

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Parade in public

Chinese Society | Nov 23, 2013 AM

Three mice are tied up to and 'paraded publicly' on a street tree in Chengdu because they steal vegetables

The picture, taken by Shuangliu police near their office in Chengdu city, Sichuan province Friday afternoon, shows three mice (or rats) were tied up ...

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Nail house

Chinese Society | Nov 20, 2013 AM

Hubei 'nail house' besieged by broad moat stands like a sore thumb on an extensive open construction site

We have see numerous nail houses across China. A nail house (Chinese: 钉子户, Dingzihu) is a Chinese term for homes whose owners refuse to move to ma...

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China Economy | Nov 19, 2013 AM

Zhejiang farmer grows crops on rooftop farm, saying yield is 30 percent higher than on ground-level land

China appears to have utilized the rooftops of houses and buildings to the largest extent, with people rushing to build houses, villas, gardens and g...

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Seal mouth

Chinese Society | Nov 18, 2013 AM

Guangdong police seal mouths of theft suspects with sticky tape, claiming to prevent them from confessing in collusion

The Huizhou police said they did so to prevent the suspects from confessing in collusion, because police did not understand the dialect the suspect s...

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Keep mistress

Chinese Society | Nov 17, 2013 AM

Guangxi official signs 'mistress keeping agreement' with married woman, promising to date her at least once a week

China's characteristic mistress-led anti-corruption mechanism took effect in another case.Tao Yi, a tax bureau official from Guigang city, Guangx...

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