Wuhan "Five-Bar Badge Teenage" draws national attention for his bureaucratic manners

Five Bar Badge,Teenage

On May 2, a group of pictures about the “general leader of Young Pioneers League of Wuhan” suddenly gets national attention and are spreading wildly online. The protagonist of the pictures is a boy named Huang Yibo. In the pictures he wears red scarf and five-bar badge, looks sober.

He looks like an official, his writings have a tone of official jargon. On May 2, a group of pictures about the “general leader of Young Pioneers League of Wuhan” suddenly gets national attention a...   Full Story

Chinese Society | May 3, 2011 AM | Related China Story:Five Bar Badge

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Lifting quilt gate

A male teacher lifted quilts of sleeping schoolgirls wearing only underwear

A male teacher in a vocational technical school furiously lifted the quilts of four sleeping girls wearing only underwear sparked debate in China about abuse of rights of the students by teacher. Read More

Chinese Society | May 2, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Lifting quilt gate


Census: China's 1.34 billion are more urban, older

The results of a national census conducted late last year show the proportion of elderly people in the country of 1.34 billion jumped, while that of young people plunged sharply. The census results, announced Thursday, also show that half the population now lives in cities. Read More

Miscellaneous | Apr 28, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Census


Dogs saved from dinner table

Animal rights campaigners rescued 430 dogs from the dinner table at the weekend after staging a 15-hour blockade at a toll station in Tongzhou district. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 18, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Dog

40 million

Professor Demands Students Have 40 Million By Age 40

“Don’t say you are my student, if your bank account has less than 40 million yuan when you are 40 years old.” This is what university professor Dong Fan posted on Sina Weibo early April, which set off fierce discussions and controversy among netizens. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 18, 2011 AM | Related China stories:40 million

Yao Jiaxin

Uni. student Yao Jiaxin stabs victim to death after hitting her in car accident

A university student who allegedly stabbed to death a young mother he had injured in a car accident has sparked a new public furor over moral standards among the children of China's privileged classes. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 18, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Yao Jiaxin

English skills

Poll finds Chinese poor at English

Chinese have poor English skills - despite huge efforts in language training, according to a study released yesterday. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 1, 2011 AM | Related China stories:English skills

China sets rare earth output quota for 2011

China has set its total output of rare earth at 93,800 tonnes this year, 4,600 tonnes more or 5.16 percent higher compared to last year's, the Ministry of Land and Resources announced Thursday. Read More

China Economy | Apr 1, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Rare Earth

Shangri La

Shangri-La Secenery

Shangri-La County (香格里拉县) is a primarily Tibetan county in southwestern Yunnan Province. Shangri-La was originally called Zhongdian. The unique scenery, highlighted by plateaus, together with the fascinating ethnic culture makes Shangri-La very attractive and charming to visit. Read More

China Travel | Mar 26, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Shangri La


Lijiang Travel Guide

Lijiang (丽江) is a prefecture-level city in Yunnan Province, China. Lijiang is the main region inhabited by Naxi minority Group. Lijiang has the best preserved ancient town in China - the Old Town which has been listed in the World Cultural Heritages by UNESCO in 1997. Read More

China Travel | Mar 25, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Lijiang

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake scenery and the Mosuo matriarchal society

Lugu Lake (泸沽湖) is located in the North West Yunnan plateau. The middle of the lake forms the border between Yunnan and Sichuan province. Lugu lake is attractive partly because of its natural beauty, but mostly because the Mosuo people who live there form a matriarchal society. Read More

China Travel | Mar 13, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Lugu Lake

Yingjiang earthquake

5.8-Magnitude Yingjiang quake killed 25, left 300,000 homeless

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake on March 10th, 2011 killed at least 25 and left more than 300,000 people homeless in Yunnan province. Searching efforts for survivors continues. Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 12, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Yingjiang earthquake


Statement that chastity is the best dowry brings to hefty debate

Popular Shanghai TV show mediator 'Auntie Bai' has claimed her comment urging young women to remains virgins until they marry was borrowed from an American. Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 9, 2011 PM | Related China stories:Chastity

Isabella Leong

Hong Kong Actress and Singer Isabella Leong Lok-Sze (梁洛施)

Isabella Leong Lok-Sze (梁洛施) is a Hong Kong-based actress and singer. Isabella Leong gave birth to two babies of Richard Li(李泽楷, the second son of LI Ka-shing 李嘉诚). On the 26th February 2011, Leong released a abrupt statement that she and Richard Li have split. Read More

Entertainment | Mar 6, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Isabella Leong

Railway minister

Chinese railway minister stripped of his post amid a corruption investigation

China’s long-standing Railway Minister Liu Zhijun was today sacked from a key party post following investigations over ''severe violation of discipline'', according to a report on Saturday by Xinhua, the state news agency. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 12, 2011 PM | Related China stories:Railway minister

Child beggar

Microblog campaign aims at rescue of abducted Children

China has become gripped by an internet microblog campaign to trace children abducted and forced to become beggars, and reunite them with their families. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 11, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Child beggar

China approves testing property tax in some cities

China’s State Council announced that it would allow some cities to impose a property tax on homeowners a day after releasing a broader set of measures aimed at taming housing prices. Shanghai and Chongqing would be the first cities to experiment with the new property tax on a trial basis. Read More

China Economy | Jan 27, 2011 PM | Related China stories:Property tax

Property price

China issues new measures to tame property market

China released several government measures on Wednesday aimed at curbing the growth of housing prices and preventing a property bubble from threatening its fast-growing economy. Read More

China Economy | Jan 26, 2011 PM | Related China stories:Property price

Internet users

China's online population rises to 457m in 2010

The number of Internet users in China reached 457 million at the end of 2010, meanwhile, the number of websites registered in China fell by 41 per cent last year, according to a report by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). Read More

China Economy | Jan 19, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Internet users

Spring Festival

China begins annual Spring Festival travel rush

China's annual Spring Festival travel rush began Wednesday in freezing weather, with some 700 million people, or half the nation's population, expected to travel within the country during the 40-day-long travel period Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 19, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Spring Festival

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