Chinese writer Han Han sues anti-fraud crusader Fang Zhouzi over ghostwriting claims

Han Han,Fang Zhouzi

Best-selling Chinese author and race car driver Han Han is set to take anti-fraud crusader Fang Zhouzi to court for accusing Han of using a ghostwriter for much of his work.

February 3, 2012, Shanghai - Official Weibo of Xinhua News Agency says today that Han Han has handed in suing materials to People's Court of Putuo District. The court will give a response in seven wo...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Feb 3, 2012 AM | Related China Story:Han Han

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Kong Qingdong

Beijing professor Kong Qingdong provokes anger by calling Hong Kongers as dogs

Peking University professor Kong Qingdong who traces his lineage to Confucius — China’s ancient champion of harmony and courtesy — has stirred an angry bout of disharmony with a tirade against Hong Kong as a land of “dogs” and “thieves” in thrall to British colonialism. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 23, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Kong Qingdong

Zhang Shaogang

Ridiculing of a job applicant by CCTV moderator Zhang Shaogang on TV show draws nationwide criticism

24 years old Haigui Liu Lili wanted to find a job through TV program. During the TV show presided by well-known CCTV moderator Zhang Shaogang, Liu Lili was challenged, questioned, criticized publicly by Zhang and the invited CEOs. Chinese netizens overwhelmingly support Liu and criticize Zhang and the employers. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 14, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Zhang Shaogang


6 Million User Data of China Software Developer Network (CSDN) Leaked

Account information for more than 6 million registered users of online community Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN,net) has been leaked online. Read More

Science | Dec 22, 2011 PM | Related China stories:CSDN

School bus crash

School bus crash in Jiangsu province kills 15 and injures 8

AT least four officials have been suspended after Monday's fatal school bus accident that killed 15 pupils and injured eight in Fengxian County of eastern China's Jiangsu Province, local authorities said yesterday. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 17, 2011 AM | Related China stories:School bus crash


Police publish secret codes used by thieves and burglars

In December, 2011, Chengdu police made public 17 secret codes and symbols used by local thieves and burglars. Police remind residents to take notice of such symbols and codes, erase the symbols and call the police as soon as they see the symbols. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 16, 2011 PM | Related China stories:Chengdu

Poverty line

China raises poverty line increasing official poor by 100 million

China's central government on Tuesday raised the country's rural poverty line to $360 a year as part of efforts to increase aid to its struggling low-income population, state media reported. The sharp upward revision means that 128 million Chinese in rural areas now qualify as poor. Read More

China Economy | Nov 30, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Poverty line

Hepatitis C

Clinic in Central China Infects Kids with Hepatitis C

A total of 104 people in Maqiao township of Yongcheng city in Henan have tested positive for Hepatitis C virus in a preliminary screening. Reused needles at a private clinic have been blamed for an outbreak of the HCV infection. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 29, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Hepatitis C

Xi'an explosion

Xi'an explosion kills at least 9, injures 37

By 2 pm of November 14,2011, the gas explosion in southern suburb of Xi'an City of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province has killed at least 9 people and injured 37. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 14, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Xi'an explosion

Coal mine gas explosion

Yunnan coal mine gas explosion killed 20,trapped 23

At least 20 miners were killed on Thursday in an accident in Southwest China's Yunnan province, local authorities said, and another 23 were still missing late in the day. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 12, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Coal mine gas explosion

Red scarf

Green Scarf Rule for Pupils Withdrawn after Backlash

A primary school in Xi'an of China has been ordered to stop forcing underachieving or badly behaved pupils to wear green scarves instead of red ones. Read More

Chinese Society | Oct 23, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Red scarf

Shanghai subway crash

271 people injured in Shanghai's subway crash

Hundreds of people were injured in Shanghai on Tuesday when a subway train slammed into the rear of another train in a sprawling transit line that opened just last year. A total of 271 people have received treatment in hospitals, said Xu Jianguang, director of Shanghai's health bureau, at a press briefing late Tuesday. Read More

Chinese Society | Sep 27, 2011 PM | Related China stories:Shanghai subway crash

Sex slave

Man confined 6 women as sex slaves, killed 2

34-year-old Chinese man Li Hao has been arrested in the Chinese province of Henan after police found he had confined six women in a basement and killed two, the state-run Southern Metropolis Daily said. Some of the women are suspected to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome - when hostages start to sympathize with their captors. Read More

Chinese Society | Sep 23, 2011 PM | Related China stories:Sex slave

Lu Xingyu

Lu Xingyu,24,executive chairwoman of China-Africa Project Hope, draws national suspicion

Internet hot figures have risen and fallen in China. The most recent hot figure is 24 years old Lu Xingyu. Her title as executive chairwoman of China-Africa Hope Project and secretary of World Chinese Business Leaders Club draws wide suspicion in China. Lu Xingyu is nicknamed Lu Meimei ,second generation of Guo Meimei by netizens. Read More

Chinese Society | Aug 17, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Lu Xingyu

Chinese gymnast

Former champion gymnast Zhang Shangwu found begging on street

Zhang Shangwu, One of China's most promising young gymnasts, who seemed destined for Olympic glory before his career ended in injury, has been found begging on the streets of Beijing, prompting criticism of the country's sports system. Read More

Chinese Society | Jul 18, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Chinese gymnast

Jinghu High speed railway

China opens Jinghu High-speed railway,Safety concern dismissed

On June 30,2011, the 1318 kilometer long Jinghu High-speed railway connecting China's capital Beijing and the largest commercial city Shanghai is offcially opened to traffic, cutting the single-way time between the two cities to under five hours. Official dismissed claims that the railway's operating speed was cut due to safety concerns. Read More

China Economy | Jun 30, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Jinghu High speed railway

High speed rail

Former official admits the top speed of Chinese high-profile bullet train is fabricated

Former Chinese railway ministry official Zhou Yimin discloses that the top speed of 350 km per hour of Chinese-made bullet trains is fabricated regardless of security. Many minor problems occur on the high-speed rail lines in service and some are actually not minor, but all were kept as secret. Preliminary test has been done on the Jinghu line, but the safety is till to be observed. Read More

China Economy | Jun 21, 2011 AM | Related China stories:High speed rail


Chinese wife publicly beats up the mistress of her husband

One woman held another woman down and repeatedly beat her, even tearing at her shirt. It was said the attacker was the wife of a businessman, and the woman who was attacked was a xiaosan (小三, the third woman, or mistress of the husband). Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 15, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Mistress

Anti corruption

Private anti-corruption websites modeled after India established in China

Recently three private anti-corruption websites, all named similar to I have offered a bribe,have been established in China. All the websites are products of inspiration from Indian anti-corruption website One founder thinks the websites will be supported by Chinese government, but many Chinese worry about the fate of these websites. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 12, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Anti corruption

Fasten with rope

Chinese man fastens his 8 year old sick son with rope

A predicap taxi driver, Du Jianming (杜建民) from Xi'an, capital city of northwestern Shaanxi Province, fastened his eight year old son to his taxi. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 11, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Fasten with rope

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