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Subway pole dancing

Entertainment | Jan 13, 2013 AM

Watch: Hot girl performs pole dancing on Wuhan subway, criticized as disturbing traffic order

A strong and thin iron pole and a level ground are the only two necessary conditions for pole dancing. Subway carriage proves to be the best free st...

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Yunnan landslide

Environment | Jan 11, 2013 AM

Landslide in Yunnan engulfs village, killing all the buried 46 local residents, including 19 children and a family of seven

The landslide swept through a village in the steep, snow-dusted mountains of Zhenxiong county in Yunnan province in southwestern China on Friday, bur...

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China surpass USA

China Economy | Jan 8, 2013 AM

China to become world doctor instead of world police; CAS report says China is healthier than and will replace USA as dominant power of the world by 2049

Police of the world? No, leave the title to USA forever, China favors the title of world doctor when Chinese dream of national rejuvenation is realiz...

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Illegal orphanage fire kills 7

Chinese Society | Jan 7, 2013 AM

Seven people including six children killed in fire broking out in 'illegal’ Henan orphanage, 'Charity mother' questioned by government but sympathized by public

There were eight people in the simple two-room orphanage when the fire broke out at around 8 o'clock on the morning of January 4, Friday, four died a...

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Illegally imprison

Chinese Society | Dec 30, 2012 AM

Fujian officials illegally imprison a sexagenarian and his granddaughter for not paying family planning fine of 21000 RMB for the child's 'illegal' birth without a birth permit

At 13:30 on December 26th, Weibo user @天下应该是天下人的天下 posted three photos showing eight people, all of whom are children and old people, lock...

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Sex ward

China Economy | Dec 30, 2012 AM

Wuhan hospital opens VIP sex wards furnished with adjustable double bed, sex toys and videos to treat infertility by inspiring sexual passion

A hospital in Wuhan has recently opened VIP patient wards for infertile patients and couples having problems in conceiving babies. The wards are furn...

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Top 10 ugliest sculptures

Entertainment | Dec 25, 2012 AM

Top ten ugliest sculptures of China revealed, topless statue of Zhang Ziyi in Chongqing and 'Constitution is Nothing' sculpture in Xi'an among the list

The online voting lasts for three months and total votes count as manay as 5 million. The top 10 ugliest sculptures of China are finally revealed. Th...

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Xi Jinping

China Economy | Dec 24, 2012 AM

Xinhua publishes profile of Xi Jinping, including his old pictures, information about his early life and family members, hailing him as a man of the people, statesman of vision

China’s incoming president Xi Jinping was shaped by his “unique experiences as an ‘educated youth’”, state news agency Xinhua said in a profile ...

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Chen Guangbiao

Entertainment | Dec 21, 2012 AM

Controversial Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao showcases money hill stacked with 100 million RMB to inspire invention and innovation

The money hill stacked with 1 million brand-new 100-yuan banknote is 1.6 meter tall, 17-meter long and weighs 1.5 tons. It will belong to you in cert...

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Boys' dumpster death

Chinese Society | Dec 20, 2012 AM

Warning on dumpster: 'Entry forbidden for humans and animals, Violators at their own risk', as response of Chinese officials to the five boys' dumpster death last month in Guizhou

The deaths of five boys in a dumpster in Bijie city, Guizhou province, last month has heightened concerns over the plight of China’s homeless childr...

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Child abuse

Chinese Society | Dec 19, 2012 AM

Poor Chinese primary school child was slapped by his teacher for not finishing homework, then by 50 classmates in turn, ordered by the teacher

Teacher beating student and student abuse are not scarce in China, if not rampant. And poor student slapped by teacher often receives no sympathy, ev...

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Education through dumping rubbish

Chinese Society | Dec 18, 2012 AM

Middle school headmaster dumps a trash bin of rubbish over head of girl student to punish her eating snacks during class, draws protest from the students

Recently a post exposing a middle school headmaster dumped a trash-bin of litters over the head of a girl student has drawn wide attention among Chin...

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Taiyuan nail grave

Chinese Society | Dec 18, 2012 AM

Update on Taiyuan nail grave standing in middle of a construction site: moved away as grave owner agrees to accept compensation of 800 RMB

The Taiyuan nail grave that has aroused grobal attention for standing in middle of a construction site has been moved away, as the Longbao village co...

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Child beggar

Chinese Society | Dec 16, 2012 AM

Chinese child beggar kneels down begging in front of shops, accompanied by pet horse and dog

Beggars are usually not welcome all over the world, especially in Chinese cities where begging is said to be an occupation instead of being out of mi...

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Charity sales

Chinese Society | Dec 10, 2012 AM

Former Chinese official of statistical bureau accuses foreign missions conducting charity sales in China as shameless, refuted by Belgian consulate, condemned by Chinese netizens

To accusation of former Chinese top official of state statistical bureau that the charity sales of foreign diplomatic missions in Guangzhou was shame...

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Shaanxi petitioners

Chinese Society | Dec 9, 2012 AM

Shaanxi petitioners kneeling to ask for help from deputies to people's congress detained for disturbing travelling of the deputies

The petitioners are Li Dianxiu, Yang Jiukong and other two villagers of Bailiu Township of Xunyang county of Ankang city of Shaanxi province. At arou...

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Public toilet

Environment | Dec 9, 2012 AM

Wuhan spends one million RMB on single luxury public toilet, draws criticism

Recent exposure by microblogging of a luxury public toilet built in Wuhan draws fierce cticism from the Chinese society. The luxury public toilet of ...

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Urban white collars

Chinese Society | Dec 8, 2012 AM

Survey shows 70 percent Chinese youths not sexually happy, half of urban Chinese white collars have sex fewer than once per month

Urban white collars are usually envied by other Chinese as having high income and comfortable working environment. But it does not mean they enjoy ha...

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Nail tomb

Chinese Society | Dec 6, 2012 AM

After nail house, China sees most awesome nail tomb standing like an island in middle of a construction site

Days after Chinese netizens' enthusiasm on the most awesome nail house standing in middle road in Wenling of Zhejiang begins to fade, a more bursting...

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Image project

Chinese Society | Dec 3, 2012 AM

Poor Chinese county builds roadside wall for glossing over shabby farmhouses along national highway, criticized as image project

A wall along expressway or railway is usually to insulate the nearby residential buildings from noise. But in China, it has other functions.Recently...

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