Death sentence upheld for murderous driver Yao Jiaxin

Yao Jiaxin,Rich second generation

A Chinese court on Friday rejected the death sentence appeal filed by Yao Jiaxin, a music student who stabbed the cafe waitress Zhang Miao to death after knocked her down. On June 7, Yao Jiaxin was executed in Xi'an.

May 20, 2010, Xi'an - The Higher People's Court of northwest China's Shaanxi Province announced its decision to uphold the death sentence of Yao Jiaxin after a brief adjournment of Friday morning's h...   Full Story

Chinese Society | May 20, 2011 PM | Related China Story:Yao Jiaxin

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Tian Houbo

A female beggar was crushed to death one hour after injured by the same truck

A truck driver named Tian Houbo (田厚波) knocked a female beggar down and injured her. For fear of continuous trouble, Tian drove back one hour later and crushed the beggar to death. The incident was discovered 4 months later and Tian was detained in Chongqing. Read More

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Yao Jiaxin

Uni. student Yao Jiaxin stabs victim to death after hitting her in car accident

A university student who allegedly stabbed to death a young mother he had injured in a car accident has sparked a new public furor over moral standards among the children of China's privileged classes. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 18, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Yao Jiaxin

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