Counterfeit brand signs removed from the 'Street of Fakes' in Wuxi

Counterfeit brand,Street of fakes

All the seven counterfeit brand signs have been removed from the street of fakes in Wuxi, Jiangsu province.

It appears Wuxi does not like the title of "Street of Fakes" or "Shanzhai Street". Days after the shopping street that was lined with a cornucopia of counterfeit brands from H&...   Full Story

China Economy | Jan 14, 2014 AM | Related China Story:Counterfeit brand

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Counterfeit brand

This shopping street in Wuxi has a cluster of counterfeit brands based on some of the world's most famous

A shopping street in Wuxi, Jiangsu province is lined with a cornucopia of counterfeit brands from H&N, Zare, Hugo BGSS, SFFCCCKS coffee, to 中国中商银行 (ICBC knock-off). Read More

China Economy | Jan 8, 2014 AM | Related China stories:Counterfeit brand

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