Watch: Hot girl performs pole dancing on Wuhan subway, criticized as disturbing traffic order

Subway pole dancing,Pole dance

A video clip showing a pretty and hot girl wearing few clothes performed pole dancing on Wuhan subway goes viral in China, criticized as disturbing public traffic order.

A strong and thin iron pole and a level ground are the only two necessary conditions for pole dancing. Subway carriage proves to be the best free stage for pole dancers in China. Besides, it never l...   Full Story

Entertainment | Jan 13, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Subway pole dancing

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Passenger Facial Expression

Pictures Depicting Facial Expressions of Bus Passengers Gain Popularity in China

Recently, a group of pictures depicting facial expressions of bus passengers gain high popularity on Chinese internet. Some bare teeth and laugh, some shout, some curse, some feel bothered, some feel tortured, all these QQ (a popular Chinese instant messaging tool) expressions vividly depict various states of passengers. Read More

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Hubei drought

Hubei Drought reaches extreme level,rainfall in 58 counties hits lowest level

A serious drought has hit Hubei Province, located in Central China with Wuhan as the capital, since November of 2010, bringing one-third of its counties and cities under serious water shortage. The current drought in Hubei province has reached extreme levels, experts declared this week. Read More

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Five Bar Badge

Wuhan "Five-Bar Badge Teenage" draws national attention for his bureaucratic manners

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Chinese Society | May 3, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Five Bar Badge

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