Qingdao beaches covered with massive algae bloom provides a rare chance for Chinese beach-goes to view the grassland that is usually available hundreds of kilometers away

Algae bloom,Qingdao beach

Qingdao beaches covered with massive algae attracts Chinese vacationers to view green grassland instead of enjoying the cool in sea waters. Avoiding mention of water pollution, officials talk more about making use of the natural resource.

Qingdao is not only famous for its beer but also for its many beaches that line this picturesque coastal city in Shandong province, east China.  But in summers since 2008, when travelers go to Q...   Full Story

Environment | Jul 6, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Algae bloom

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Water pollution

Henan river named after legendary Chinese folk lady Meng Jiang Nu turns blood red

Shortly after revealed by Chinese netizens on May 2 that the West Meng Jiangnu River in Xinxiang city of Henan province turns blood red, local government has arranged to pump the water to a water treatment plant. The reason of the heavy river pollution remains unknown. Read More

Environment | May 4, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Water pollution

Dead pigs

New job opportunity: Chinese fishermen find excavating dead pigs from rivers more profitable than fishing as fish is harder to find in the polluted waters

Many fishermen in China’s Zhejiang province have taken a new career path after no fish can be found in the rivers. Instead of catching fish, they are being paid to fish dead pigs in the polluted waters. Read More

Environment | Mar 24, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Dead pigs

Water pollution

River water becomes blood red in Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province

Chinese netizens reveal that the river water beside a textile factory in Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province appears blood red due to heavy water pollution. Read More

Environment | May 9, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Water pollution

Pollution in China

Pollution in China - Appalling photos

Various forms of pollution (especially air pollution and water pollution) have increased as China is being industrialized. Although China has taken some action, overall the situation keeps deteriorating. Here are some appalling photos showing the heavy pollution in China. Read More

Environment | Dec 3, 2010 AM | Related China stories:Pollution in China

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