Uncivilized tourists spotted taking photos with their hands on breasts of a naked woman sculpture in Sichuan

Uncivilized tourist,Uncivilized behavior

Pictures of two tourists taking photos while fondling breasts of woman sculpture in a scenery spot in Sichuan went viral on Chinese social media on Wednesday May 20th.

The pictures show the two men took turns to hug a naked woman stone figure, fondle the breasts, and even kiss the nipple before camera.The sculpture was placed in the popular Zhaochangfo Xianshan sce...   Full Story

Chinese Society | May 20, 2015 AM | Related China Story:Uncivilized tourist

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Calling uncivilized passengers as LOCUSTS, Beijing Subway sparks public outrage

Beijing Subway draws public outrage when calling uncivilized passengers as locusts in a tweet promoting subway civilization. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 10, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Locust


Shrewd peddlers profit from providing ladders for jaywalkers to scale a fence as shortcut to bus station on the other side of the street in Wuhan

Profitable business: astute peddlers in Wuhan provide stepladders to help jaywalkers to reach nearest bus station across the street at price of 1 yuan for each climb-over of the fence under the viaduct. Read More

Chinese Society | Oct 3, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Jaywalking

Poops in elevator

Video: Chinese woman poops in GLASS elevator in Shenzhen subway while her husband stands on guard, but it may not be fault of the couple

A video clip titled woman poops in elevator in Shenzhen subway has gone viral on Chinese social media, drawing criticism toward the couple as well as toward the subway planners who set no toilet in many of the subway stations. Read More

Chinese Society | May 4, 2013 PM | Related China stories:Poops in elevator

toddler poop in airplane aisle

After subway carriage, airplane aisle is also the place for Chinese toddler to poop

Toddler pooping in the aisle of airplane cabin tops the list of uncivilized behaviors of Chinese travelers during the Spring Festival Holiday. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 18, 2013 AM | Related China stories:toddler poop in airplane aisle

Crocodiles stoned to death

To overcome their suspicion that the motionless hibernating crocodiles are not real ones, Chinese visitors throw stones at them, killing most of the animals in a Shenzhen zoo

To overcome their suspicion that the motionless hibernating crocodiles in a Shenzhen park are not real ones, Chinese visitors throw bottles and stones at them, killing most of them. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 17, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Crocodiles stoned to death

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