This Weibo posted by Russian embassy in Beijing comparing Crimea Crisis with Tiananmen Incident has attracted much attention in China

Tiananmen,Crimea crisis

Weibo of Russian embassy in Beijing comparing western sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Crimea with those on China over Tiananmen Incident jeered as blacking Chinese government.

Putin’s Russia appears to be desperate for international support after US and Europe beefed up sanctions against it over its annexation of Ukrainian territory Crimea.Putin thanked Chinese gover...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Mar 26, 2014 AM | Related China Story:Tiananmen

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Protest against Russia

'Return Chinese territory, take back communist theory', Chinese netizens greet Russian online embassy with verbally violent mass protest

Chinese netizens hold an online protest and have crammed Russian embassy Weibo microblogging with tens of thousands of comments requiring Russia to return Chinese territory and take back communist theories and its Chinese followers. Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 19, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Protest against Russia

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