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Counterfeit brand

China Economy | Jan 14, 2014 AM

Counterfeit brand signs removed from the 'Street of Fakes' in Wuxi

It appears Wuxi does not like the title of "Street of Fakes" or "Shanzhai Street". Days after the shopping street that was lined ...

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Temple of Heaven

China Travel | Aug 10, 2013 AM

Temple of Heaven? No, it is a luxury cemetery park in Wuhan

Chinese netizens have revealed a group of pictures taken in rural Xinzhou district of Wuhan city in central China’s Hubei province. In the pict...

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Mini Paris

China Economy | Aug 4, 2013 AM

China's Little Paris in Hangzhou ends up like ghost town and functions more as backdrop for wedding photography

We have seen western architectures sprouting across China, from replicated US White House to US Capitals, from Austrian town to English villages.But ...

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Giant Yellow Duck

China Economy | Jun 2, 2013 AM

Shanzhai Giant Yellow Duck sprouts across mainland China

From brand name handbags to smart phones, as claimed by some critical Chinese netizens, it appears true that there is nothing Chinese can not success...

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