Death voyage across Pacific Ocean: 11 Chinese men kill 22 fellow crew members; All 11 convicted and 5 to be executed

Shandong fishing boat massacre,Mass killings

Horrifying Shandong fishing boat massacre: a Shandong court has convicted 11 men of intentionally murdering 22 fellow crew members during an oceangoing fishing voyage across the Pacific Ocean; Five of them received death sentence.

It sounds like a Hollywood thriller: 33 crew members started off to the ocean, when the fishing boat returned after 8 months, only 11 men were left with 20 killed and 2 missing. And none of the 11 me...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Jul 21, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Shandong fishing boat massacre

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China unveils world's longest sea bridge in Qingdao

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Police shot dead

Three policemen shot dead in gunfire exchange

Three policemen were shot dead and six people injured in a rare shoot-out in eastern China, a nation where guns are strictly controlled, the public security ministry said on Wednesday. Read More

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