Wuhan students perform action art to protest against rude exposure of Dongguan sex workers

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Several students from Wuhan University performed action art in campus on Valentine’s Day as protest against rude exposure of Dongguan sex workers by state broadcaster CCTV.

Four female students from Wuhan University based in Wuhan, Hubei province, went on a demonstration on the campus on February 14, calling for respect for sex workers in China.One student held up a pai...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Feb 15, 2014 AM | Related China Story:Sex workers

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Sex scandal

Chief of Shenyang Health Bureau and female hospital director fired after online video reveals their adultery relationship

Yan Shi, chief of Shenyang Health Bureau and Li Chenyang, director of Shenyang Maternal and Child Care Hospital were both fired after video revealing their hotel date went online. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 30, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Sex scandal

Child sexual abuse

Yet another case of child sexual abuse by male teacher on primary school girls draws public outrage

Yet another child sexual abuse case happened in Ruichang city, Jiangxi province. The suspect 62 years old teacher Tao Biaogong has been taken in custody by police, reported Xinmin Weekly. Read More

Chinese Society | Aug 9, 2013 PM | Related China stories:Child sexual abuse

Sex ratio at birth

More than 30 million Chinese men will be lifetime bachelors by 2020 thanks to years of abnormally high gender imbalance at birth

Approximately 30-35 million Chinese men will not be able to find a wife by 2020 due to years of abnormally high sex ratio at birth resulting from the preference for sons, one-child policy and sex-selective abortion, Chinese media reported June 28th, 2013. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 30, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Sex ratio at birth

Take turns having sex

Learn Chinese new phrase: ‘Take turns to have sex’ goes viral on China’s social media

From 'alleged gang rape' to 'take turns having sex', the changing wording in Chinese official media reports on a criminal case has sparked new wave of outrage against the suspect Li Tianyi and his father Li Shuangjiang. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 28, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Take turns having sex

Same sex love

Look: LGBT rights activists takes to street to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in Changsha

LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) activists across China held gay parade to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) in Changsha on Friday. Read More

Chinese Society | May 18, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Same sex love

Buddha statue

Fling Buddha statue established in a Chinese pub in Lijiang draws criticism as blaspheming Buddhism

A Buddha statue, seemingly having sex with a naked female sculpture, is seen in a pub named Yanyu in popular tourist resort Lijiang, criticized as blasphemy against Buddhism. Read More

Chinese Society | May 17, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Buddha statue

Hainan Rendezvous

Cocktail party or group orgy? Pictures of Hainan Rendezvous event promoting luxury lifestyle go viral in China

Government officials in Sanya said yesterday they were investigating rumors of sex parties involving many Chinese celebrities during the Hainan Rendezvous show in the Hainan Province city. Read More

Entertainment | Apr 6, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Hainan Rendezvous

Beijing Gay wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony of Beijing gay couple tolerated and welcomed by the public, but ruined by a 'bastard' son

A Beijing gay couple in their sixties held wedding ceremony on Wednesday despite controversy and objection from their families. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 31, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Beijing Gay wedding ceremony

Zhu Ruifeng

Muckraking journalist ‘invited to have tea’, anti-corruption heroine detained, more high ranking officials involved in Chongqing sex scandal still at large

Famous independent Chinese muckraking journalist Zhu Ruifeng who publicized the obscene sex video tape of Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu, which led to dismissal of 11 local officials so far, finally saw him in trouble with the authority. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 29, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Zhu Ruifeng

Chongqing sex video Extortion scandal

After Lei Zhengfu, 10 more high ranking officials sacked as investigation of Chongqing sex scandal expands; Prostitute hailed as anti-corruption heroine

A sex video extortion scandal involving officials having sex with women hired by developer who secretly filmed the trysts to extort construction deals broadened Friday, as 10 more high-level Chongqing officials after Lei Zhengfu have been fired. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 25, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Chongqing sex video Extortion scandal

Diana Peng Dan

Sexy Chinese actress and Hong Kong porn star Diana Peng Dan to advise CPC on how to enhance sex appeal

Sexy Chinese actress Diana Peng Dan has seen her popularity increasing in China after she was appointed recently as member of Gansu's CPPCC. Born in 1973 in Hunan, Peng Dan emigrated to USA at the age of 14 and she rose to fame in Hong Kong as a porn star in the 1990s. Read More

Entertainment | Jan 23, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Diana Peng Dan

Yi Junqing

Mistress proves to be key player in China's anti-corruption mechanism; Top Marxist theorist and party think tank official fired after mistress exposes their affairs online

Yi Junqing, a top Marxism-Leninism theorist leading an important party think tank, has been removed as director of Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, after his post-doctoral mistress Chang Yan exposed their affairs online one month ago. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 18, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Yi Junqing

Sex ward

Wuhan hospital opens VIP sex wards furnished with adjustable double bed, sex toys and videos to treat infertility by inspiring sexual passion

A hospital in Wuhan has recently opened VIP sex wards for couples having problems in conceiving baby. Furnished with adjustable sex bed and couch, sex toys, sex skills videos and pictures, promoted as 'second nuptial chamber', the luxury wards are established to treat infertility. Read More

China Economy | Dec 30, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Sex ward

Urban white collars

Survey shows 70 percent Chinese youths not sexually happy, half of urban Chinese white collars have sex fewer than once per month

A recent survey shows the health conditions of Chinese urban white collars are not optimistic. According to the survey, 70% urban white collars are not sexually happy due to high pressuren. Half Chinese youths have sex frequency of fewer than once per month. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 8, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Urban white collars

Luo yang sex slaves case

Henan civil servant in the sex dungeon case sentenced to death, three of the sex slaves found guilty as accomplices in killing two of their fellow captives

Henan civil servant Li Hao was sentenced to death for confining 6 women in the sex dungeon he secretly dug and killing 2 by a court in Luoyang of Henan in central China on Friday. And three of the sex slaves found guilty as accomplices in killing the two of their fellow captives. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 1, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Luo yang sex slaves case

Diamond studded lingerie

Sexy Chinese model shows off 5 million RMB diamond-studded lingerie at Nanchang Wedding Exhibition

On August 31 at the 2012 Nanchang Wedding Exhibition, sexy Chinese model was hired to show off two pairs of diamond-studded lingeries which drew envious stares from the visitors. Read More

Environment | Sep 1, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Diamond studded lingerie

Head bald shaved

Chinese girls have their heads bald shaved to protest against sex discrimination in higher education

On August 30, four high school girl students had their heads bald shaved publicly in Guangzhou to protest against sex discrimination practised by some Chinese universities in enrolling new students, and against inexplicit response of the Chinese ministry of education to this problem. Read More

Chinese Society | Aug 30, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Head bald shaved

Sex scandal

Obscene photos involving Chinese Officials go viral in Chinese internet

Recently a group of obscene sex photos (NSFW) involving party high-ranking officials has gone viral in Chinese internet. Two of the men were said to be top officials of Lujiang of Anhui, which was denied by government. Another man in the sex scandal proved to be an official in Hefei University. Read More

Chinese Society | Aug 9, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Sex scandal

Sex change

84 years old retiree has his gender reassigned,breasts augmented and wears women's clothing

84 years old retired high ranking cadre Qian Jinfan from Foshan City of Guangdong has his gender reassigned, breast augmented and wears women's clothing. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 13, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Sex change

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