Are they government officials or actually hired mafia thugs? Watch how Tianmen city planning officials in Hubei 'enforce law' to carry out forced demolition

Violent law enforcement,thugs enforce law

Chinese Government officials allegedly enforced law violently in Tianmen city, Hubei province in central China, hiring tens of thugs to carry out forced demolition of local villager’ house and beat any trying to prevent them from doing so with bricks and sticks.

We have reported some cases of successful struggle of Chinese residents against forced demolition of their nail houses, actually the recent case in Tianmen, Hubei province, presents a truer picture o...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Jun 2, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Violent law enforcement

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Dragon Seed

Watch:1940s Hollywood movie Dragon Seed starring Katharine Hepburn and portraying heroic Chinese anti-Japanese war goes viral in China

Dragon Seed, a movie starring Oscar superstar Katharine Hepburn that was produced in Hollywood in 1940s to portray Chinese heroic resistance against the Japanese invaders, has gone viral in China. Read More

Entertainment | May 27, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Dragon Seed

Real name registration

Real name registration required to buy face masks in Kunming following mass protests against PX plant (Update: cancelled)

Real name registration is required for buying face masks in Anning, Kunming city, where a planned PX plant (paraxylene) drew mass protests in early and mid May, 2013. Read More

Environment | May 25, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Real name registration

Human snail

Guangxi man carries a 60-kg-heavy house every day on his 5-year-long journey back home on foot that is hundreds kilometers away

It takes 38-year old Guangxi migrant worker Liu Lingchao 5 years to walk back home from Guangdong that is around 400 kilometers away. To save money for accommodation, Mr. Liu carried his 60-kg-heavy movable house every day with him as he moves from one city to another. Read More

Chinese Society | May 24, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Human snail

Overloaded school bus

Is China too poor to be able to provide better school buses than this overloaded motor tricycle packed with 31 (THIRTY ONE) rural schoolchildren?

A Chinese woman was seen driving a fully packed motor tricycle carrying 31 schoolchildren back home from school in Zhongmou county, Henan province on May 20. Read More

Chinese Society | May 23, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Overloaded school bus

Foreign beggar

Poor foreign beggar 'keeps borrowing money' on public buses in Changsha, and quite more successful than his Chinese peers

Laowai beggar is rarely seen in China, but it does happen sometimes. A foreigner was seen frequently begging on the No. 402 public bus in Changsha in central China’s Hunan province, A Weibo microblog reported on May 6. Read More

Chinese Society | May 20, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Foreign beggar

Same sex love

Look: LGBT rights activists takes to street to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in Changsha

LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) activists across China held gay parade to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) in Changsha on Friday. Read More

Chinese Society | May 18, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Same sex love

Buddha statue

Fling Buddha statue established in a Chinese pub in Lijiang draws criticism as blaspheming Buddhism

A Buddha statue, seemingly having sex with a naked female sculpture, is seen in a pub named Yanyu in popular tourist resort Lijiang, criticized as blasphemy against Buddhism. Read More

Chinese Society | May 17, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Buddha statue

Liu Tienan

Mistress makes new contributions to China's anti-corruption campaign by pulling down top planning official Liu Tienan

Liu Tienan has officially been fired from his post as deputy head of China’s top economic planning agency on suspicion of 'serious discipline violations' on May 14th. It is the mistress anti-corruption mechanism that helps in pulling him down. Read More

Entertainment | May 14, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Liu Tienan

Child abuse

Worst ever Chinese father cruelly abuses his own daughter for 5+ years, using boiling water to "kill lice" on her head

The horrifying story of an 11 years old little girl has sparked nationwide anger at her own father, who has cruelly abused her for more than 5 years by scalding her head with boiling water and piecing her fingertip with needle, etc., as well as at local government for dereliction of their duties. Read More

Chinese Society | May 13, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Child abuse

Poops in elevator

Video: Chinese woman poops in GLASS elevator in Shenzhen subway while her husband stands on guard, but it may not be fault of the couple

A video clip titled woman poops in elevator in Shenzhen subway has gone viral on Chinese social media, drawing criticism toward the couple as well as toward the subway planners who set no toilet in many of the subway stations. Read More

Chinese Society | May 4, 2013 PM | Related China stories:Poops in elevator

Lavish banquet ban

Will Xi Jinping's ban on lavish banquet bring an end to China's rampant corruption?

2012 was a victorious year for Chinese net citizens. A series of sex scandals, corrupt government officials were exposed by devoted Chinese net citizens and large number of government officials was dismissed by the central and local governments. In 2013, the central government is forced to strengthen anti-corruption campaign to reduce the public anger. Read More

Chinese Society | May 4, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Lavish banquet ban

Employee abuse

Watch: Employees ordered to creep on kneels publicly in city center of Chongqing in a company training program aiming to enhance capability of the staff to work under pressure

A company in Chongqing required its employees to creep on kneels publicly in the commercial center of Chongqing in southwest China as a training program aiming to enhance the capability of the staff to cope with working pressure, criticized as humiliating and abusing employees. Read More

Chinese Society | May 2, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Employee abuse

Mazu cultural festival

Do the performers really have their mouths penetrated by iron bars? Mazu Cultural Festival featuring amazing folk art performance opens in Haikou

The first Qiongzhou Mazu Cultural Festival opened in Haikou, Hainan province on April 30. The opening ceremony featuring fabulous folk art performances especially the acrobatics of iron bar penetrating mouth has drawn large crowd of audience. Read More

China Travel | May 1, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Mazu cultural festival

Leftover women

Sheng nu – China's leftover women, single and unmarried in their late trenties and beyond

Sheng nu (剩女, shèngnǚ) or leftover women refer to those Chinese women who remain unmarried in their late twenties and beyond. In this article we explain why there are increasing number of leftover women in China where gender imbalance in favour of boys continues to worsen. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 17, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Leftover women

Bikini waitress

Changsha seafood restaurant introduces service provided by bikini waitress and offers free meal for all bikini-clad customers

As an effort to draw more business, a seafood buffet restaurant in Changsha introduces service provided by bikini waitresses and offers free meal for all bikini-clad customers, drawing national attention. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 14, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Bikini waitress

Bicyle art

No, it is not bicycle art! Residential compound in Shenyang strengthens the surrounding iron fence with 60 discarded bicycles filled in the holes

A residential compound in Shenyang in northeast China’s Liaoning province tried to enhance the surrounding fence with more than 60 discarded bicycles. It is not an art work of bicycle, but a last-ditch move. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 14, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Bicyle art

Motor home

Poor Shanxi old man travels across China by motor home built on his own to look for beloved lost wife

To look for his lost wife, poor 57 years old man from Datong, Shanxi province modified a motor tricycle to a simple motor home and traveled throughout China. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 13, 2013 PM | Related China stories:Motor home

Yasukuni Shrine toilet

Restaurant in Hefei names toilet 'Yasukuni Shrine', sparking debate among Chinese netizens

A restaurant in Heifei in Anhui province has sparked debate among Chinese online population after it was revealed that the owner of the small restaurant names its toilet as Yasukuni Shrine. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 13, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Yasukuni Shrine toilet

People's Daily

Yin and Yang harmony between key CPC mouthpieces: People's Daily new headquarters hailed as best match of the CCTV Big Underpants building

Looking like a giant penis, the futuristic but somewhat bizarre building of People’s Daily new headquarters has been mocked on Chinese social media as good complement for CCTV Big Underpants for perfectly embodying Chinese philosophical Yin-Yang concept. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 13, 2013 AM | Related China stories:People's Daily

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