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Expensive funeral services

Chinese Society | Mar 31, 2012 AM

Live expensively, die expensively?

March 31, 2011, JINAN - The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country's top price regulator, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs r...

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Internet crime

Chinese Society | Mar 31, 2012 AM

Beijing arrests 1,000 in Internet crime crackdown

March 31, 2011, BEIJING - The operators of more than 3,117 websites have received related warnings, a spokesman from the city police's cybersecurity ...

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Second Officer Generation

Chinese Society | Feb 26, 2012 AM

Anhui Official's Son Set Girl On Fire After She Refuses His Courtship

February 26, 2012, Hefei - On September 17, 2011, a teenage boy named Tao Rukun, son of a government official broke into the home of Zhou Yan, a girl...

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Han Han

Chinese Society | Feb 3, 2012 AM

Chinese writer Han Han sues anti-fraud crusader Fang Zhouzi over ghostwriting claims

February 3, 2012, Shanghai - Official Weibo of Xinhua News Agency says today that Han Han has handed in suing materials to People's Court of Putuo Di...

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Zhang Shaogang

Chinese Society | Jan 14, 2012 AM

Ridiculing of a job applicant by CCTV moderator Zhang Shaogang on TV show draws nationwide criticism

January 13, 2012, Tianjin - A video clip that lasts for 16 minutes has been wildly circulated throughout internet of China. In the video, 24 years ol...

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Science | Dec 22, 2011 PM

6 Million User Data of China Software Developer Network (CSDN) Leaked

Dec. 22,2011,Beijing - The "Chinese Software Developer Network" (CSDN), operated by Bailian Midami Digital Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the bigges...

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School bus crash

Chinese Society | Dec 17, 2011 AM

School bus crash in Jiangsu province kills 15 and injures 8

December 16, 2011, Xuzhou - AT least four officials have been suspended after Monday's fatal school bus accident that killed 15 pupils and injured ei...

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Chinese Society | Dec 16, 2011 PM

Police publish secret codes used by thieves and burglars

The meaning of the symbols and secret codes are listed below:Left from top to bottom: 计划行动:Plan operation 有四五间房子可偷:4-5 units that...

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Poverty line

China Economy | Nov 30, 2011 AM

China raises poverty line increasing official poor by 100 million

November 29, 2011, BEIJING - With the stroke of a pen, nearly 100 million more people in China were deemed poor as the country modified its defini...

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Hepatitis C

Chinese Society | Nov 29, 2011 AM

Clinic in Central China Infects Kids with Hepatitis C

HEFEI, Nov. 29,2011 -- Six people were confirmed to be infected with the Hepatitis C virus in central Henan province Tuesday after a bordering region...

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Xi'an explosion

Chinese Society | Nov 14, 2011 AM

Xi'an explosion kills at least 9, injures 37

XI'AN - The death toll has climbed to nine following an explosion at a restaurant on Monday morning in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi pr...

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Coal mine gas explosion

Chinese Society | Nov 12, 2011 AM

Yunnan coal mine gas explosion killed 20,trapped 23

November 11, 2011, Kunming - The deadly accident occurred at 7:20 am when an outburst of coal and methane gas hit the Sizhuang Coal Mine in Shizong c...

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Red scarf

Chinese Society | Oct 23, 2011 AM

Green Scarf Rule for Pupils Withdrawn after Backlash

October 22, 2011, XI'AN - Education authorities in Xi'an city, the capital of northwest China's Shaanxi province, have ordered schools to stop forcin...

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Shanghai subway crash

Chinese Society | Sep 27, 2011 PM

271 people injured in Shanghai's subway crash

September 28, 2011,Shanghai - Signal failure is being blamed for a subway train crash that injured more than 270 passengers on Tuesday. No one was...

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Sex slave

Chinese Society | Sep 23, 2011 PM

Man confined 6 women as sex slaves, killed 2

September 23, 2011, LUOYANG, Henan - Police have detained four women who were allegedly kept as sex slaves in a secret basement.The women, aged 16 to...

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Chinese gymnast

Chinese Society | Jul 18, 2011 AM

Former champion gymnast Zhang Shangwu found begging on street

Zhang Shangwu, a 27-year-old retired gymnast, was recognized by a passerby, who took a picture of him begging and performing before he was soon drive...

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Jinghu High speed railway

China Economy | Jun 30, 2011 AM

China opens Jinghu High-speed railway,Safety concern dismissed

BEIJING, June 30 (Xinhua) -- The first high-speed trains to travel on the new Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway departed at 3 p.m. Thursday, with o...

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High speed rail

China Economy | Jun 21, 2011 AM

Former official admits the top speed of Chinese high-profile bullet train is fabricated

The Chinese Ministry of Railway has recently reduced the top speed of Chinese high-profile bullet trains that run on Jinghu(Beijing-Shanghai,京沪高铁...

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Chinese Society | Jun 15, 2011 AM

Chinese wife publicly beats up the mistress of her husband

Just days ago, a Chinese netizen saw an astonishing incident on her way to work, when she passed by he Tancun Road and Machang Road intersection in Z...

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Fasten with rope

Chinese Society | Jun 11, 2011 AM

Chinese man fastens his 8 year old sick son with rope

June 9, 2011, Xi'an - A predicap taxi driver, Du Jianming (杜建民) from Xi'an, capital city of northwestern Shaanxi Province, fastened his eight year...

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