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Hail disaster

Environment | May 12, 2012 PM

Hail and torrential rains kill 44 in Minxian of Gansu Province,23 missing

May 13,2012, Lanzhou - The official Xinhua News Agency says that another 114 people have been injured and hospitalized including five people severely...

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Briton was beaten up

Chinese Society | May 10, 2012 AM

Briton was beaten up by Chinese passers-by for sexually assaulting a girl publicly in Beijing

May 10, 2012, Beijing - On May 9 a video titled "Foreigner trying to rape a Chinese girl near SOGO store in Beijing was beaten up" was spreading wild...

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Southern Metropolis Daily

Chinese Society | May 9, 2012 AM

Newspress criticized for leaving its own instead of national flag on disputed Huangyan island

May 9, 2012, Beijing - On April 20 during the one-month lasted China-Philippine conflict over disputed Huangyan Island in South China Sea, a reporter...

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Water pollution

Environment | May 9, 2012 AM

River water becomes blood red in Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province

May 8, Chinese netizens reveal that the river water beside Zhejiang Huadong Textile & Dyeing Co.,Ltd in an industrial area in Shaoxing of Zhejiang P...

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Order of Blue Sky and White Sun

Taiwan | May 8, 2012 AM

Mainlander suspected of stealing an Order of Blue Sky and White Sun in Kinmen

May 8, 2012, Xiamen - The Order of Blue Sky and White Sun, one of the highest military honours in Republic of China, was awarded to General Hu Lian f...

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Bikini girls

China Economy | May 8, 2012 AM

Bikini girls are hired to provide spice girls car wash services in Shanghai

May 7, 2012,Shanghai - An underground vehicle garage on Xutu Road of Shanghai employs sexy girls wearing bikini, sunglasses, high-heeled shoes to pro...

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Luxurious wedding ceremony

Chinese Society | May 7, 2012 AM

Helicopter employed to escort bride to luxurious wedding ceremony in Beijing

On the morning of May 6, helicopter was in the first time used to escort a bride to wedding ceremony in Beijing. The luxurious wedding ceremony took ...

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Food safety

China Economy | May 7, 2012 AM

Carcinogenic formaldehyde-preserved vegetables spark new wave of food safety concerns

May 7, 2012, Jinan - Reports of toxic vegetables appeared on the web over the weekend, alleging that vegetable dealers in Qingzhou were spraying a fo...

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Chinese beggar

Chinese Society | May 6, 2012 AM

Chinese touched by an American sharing fries with an old Chinese beggar

May 5, 2012, Nanjing - At the gate of a MacDonalds store on Guangzhou Road in Nanjing, a handsome foreign young man bought two bags of fries and gav...

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Bikini girl

Entertainment | May 6, 2012 AM

Miss Turism International Contestants Perform Bikini Show in Hubei

On May 4th, 54 Chinese girls participating in 2012 Miss International Tourism Contest performed bikini show in beautiful resort of Hot Spring Area in...

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Food safety

Chinese Society | May 6, 2012 AM

Postgraduate establishes food safety website,warning Chinese are exchanging feces to eat

May 5, 2012, Shanghai - Wu Heng, a postgraduate student from Fudan University had not thought that he would become a national internet celebrity by e...

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Higher Education Entrance Examination

Chinese Society | May 6, 2012 AM

Students had intravenous drip in classroom while preparing for Gao Kao

May 5, 2012, Wuhan - Recently a group of pictures get national attention, which describe the students in a senior middle school in Hubei Province wer...

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China Economy | May 1, 2012 AM

Vancl was penalized for advertising through using images of state leaders

April 28, 2012, Beijing - Vancl was critisized by many Chinese netizens and penalized by the authority for advertising its T-shirts using quotes of P...

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Bikini Festival

Entertainment | Apr 30, 2012 AM

The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikini Festival Takes Place in Nanning

April 28, 2012, Nanning - The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikini Festival at its Caribbean Water Park takes place today in Nanning, capital city of Guangxi Zhua...

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Beijing Auto Show

China Economy | Apr 29, 2012 PM

Sexy Models,Not Automobiles,Stir Excitement at 2012 Beijing Auto Show

Beijing, April 29,2012 - Authorities in Beijing have issued a "serious reprimand" for the ongoing Beijing auto show 2012 which has stirred controvers...

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Corpse processing

Science | Apr 29, 2012 AM

Mysterious human corpse processing factory in Dalian exposed

"Life ends but corpse remains forever" sounds difficult to understand, but today in Dalian, in China, in the world, this has been realized.Two worker...

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Sex culture festival

Entertainment | Apr 29, 2012 AM

The 5th Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival features S&M show

April 28, 2011, Zhengzhou - The fifth Central China Sex Culture Festival took place at the China International Exhibition Center in Zhengzhou, capita...

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Puppy love ban

Chinese Society | Apr 29, 2012 AM

Middle school bans puppy love to keep students focused

April 28, 2012, Hangzhou - A middle school in East China has issued a controversial list of rules aimed at preventing puppy love among its students.I...

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Gutter oil

Chinese Society | Apr 3, 2012 AM

Zhejiang police arrested over 100 for making new type of gutter oil

April 3, 2011, Hangzhou - Zhejiang police said Monday they have arrested over 100 suspects accused of making a new type of 'gutter oil' in a major fo...

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Public trial

Chinese Society | Apr 2, 2012 PM

Public trial of suspects in Henan draws criticism

March 31, 2011, Zhengzhou - On the convention for cracking down on criminals, the authority of Xiangcheng City of Henan Province conducted public tri...

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