Carcinogenic formaldehyde-preserved vegetables spark new wave of food safety concerns

Food safety,Food safety concerns

Recent reports exposing that some vegetable dealers in Shandong use a formaldehyde solution to keep vegetables fresh. That this kind of toxic vegetables can cause cancer if eaten too much sparks public anger and new wave of food safety concerns.

May 7, 2012, Jinan - Reports of toxic vegetables appeared on the web over the weekend, alleging that vegetable dealers in Qingzhou were spraying a formaldehyde solution on Chinese cabbage to keep the...   Full Story

China Economy | May 7, 2012 AM | Related China Story:Food safety

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Chinese beggar

Chinese touched by an American sharing fries with an old Chinese beggar

At the gate of a McDonalds store, a handsome american young man called Jason Loose bought two bags of fries and gave one to an old female Chinese beggar. They sat side by side, eating and chatting. Chinese netizens are touched by the foreign guy and reminded of the low moral standards of China. Read More

Chinese Society | May 6, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Chinese beggar

Bikini girl

Miss Turism International Contestants Perform Bikini Show in Hubei

On May 4th, 54 Chinese girls participating in Miss Tourism International Contest performed bikini show in Chibi of Hubei Province. Read More

Entertainment | May 6, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Bikini girl

Food safety

Postgraduate establishes food safety website,warning Chinese are exchanging feces to eat

Postgraduate Wu Heng established a food safety website called 'Throw out of window' in June 2011. The website indicates that the food safety problems of China become worse and increased. Wu Heng warns that Chinese are exchanging feces to eat. Read More

Chinese Society | May 6, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Food safety

Higher Education Entrance Examination

Students had intravenous drip in classroom while preparing for Gao Kao

Chinese microbloggers revealed a ‘most hardworking class’ or 'Intravenous drip class'. The students in a high middle school in Hubei collectively had intravenous drip while preparing for the upcoming higher education entrance examination. Read More

Chinese Society | May 6, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Higher Education Entrance Examination


Vancl was penalized for advertising through using images of state leaders

Vancl, an online clothing retailer, was penalized for selling politically themed T-shirts and using the images of Chinese leaders over violation of the country’s advertising law. Read More

China Economy | May 1, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Vancl

Bikini Festival

The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikini Festival Takes Place in Nanning

The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikinis Carnival takes place in Nanning. Read More

Entertainment | Apr 30, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Bikini Festival

Beijing Auto Show

Sexy Models,Not Automobiles,Stir Excitement at 2012 Beijing Auto Show

Though a total of 1,125 cars are on display at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, many Chinese netizens said they enjoyed a ‘breast show’ rather than a car exhibition after pictures featuring nearly topless models circulated online. Read More

China Economy | Apr 29, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Beijing Auto Show

Corpse processing

Mysterious human corpse processing factory in Dalian exposed

Von Hagens Dalian Plastination Ltd is specialized in human corpse processing and biological plastination. The company dessects, dehydrates, reshapes human body corpses and the final products are human specimens which can be stored for a long time. Read More

Science | Apr 29, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Corpse processing

Sex culture festival

The 5th Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival features S&M show

Nosebleeds and pocketpool abounded yesterday at the Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival in Henan, as onlookers snapped pics and ogled beauties modeling the latest sadism and masochism (S&M) and Lingerie fashions. Read More

Entertainment | Apr 29, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Sex culture festival

Puppy love ban

Middle school bans puppy love to keep students focused

A middle school in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province has issued a controversial list of rules banning puppy love among its students. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 29, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Puppy love ban

Gutter oil

Zhejiang police arrested over 100 for making new type of gutter oil

Zhejiang police said they had found more than 3200 tons of gutter oil, which was made from wasted animal viscera, including pig skin, cattle skin, goat skin, and degenerated internal organs of animals. The gutter oil has been sold to nearby provinces as cooking oil. 100 suspects were arrested accordingly. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 3, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Gutter oil

Public trial

Public trial of suspects in Henan draws criticism

The controversial public trial of 51 suspects conducted by the security office of Xiangcheng City of Henan Province draws criticism. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 2, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Public trial

Live expensively, die expensively?

The Chinese government's new regulations to clamp down on rocketing funeral and burial prices has prompted heated discussion online in the run-up to China's traditional day of honoring ancestors, as the public fret that the policies may have limited power to curb profiteering by morticians. Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 31, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Expensive funeral services

Beijing arrests 1,000 in Internet crime crackdown

Beijing police on Saturday said they have arrested 1,065 suspects and deleted more than 208,000 "harmful" online messages as part of an intensive nationwide crackdown on Internet-related crimes conducted since mid-February. Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 31, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Internet crime

Second Officer Generation

Anhui Official's Son Set Girl On Fire After She Refuses His Courtship

Tao Rukun, a so called Second Officer Generation in Hefei City of Anhui Province wooed his schoolmate Zhou Yan for years and when denied, he set fire on her, who is disfigured forever. The incident was only recently disclosed after 5 months and immediately drew outcry from the public. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 26, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Second Officer Generation

Han Han

Chinese writer Han Han sues anti-fraud crusader Fang Zhouzi over ghostwriting claims

Best-selling Chinese author and race car driver Han Han is set to take anti-fraud crusader Fang Zhouzi to court for accusing Han of using a ghostwriter for much of his work. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 3, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Han Han

Zhang Shaogang

Ridiculing of a job applicant by CCTV moderator Zhang Shaogang on TV show draws nationwide criticism

24 years old Haigui Liu Lili wanted to find a job through TV program. During the TV show presided by well-known CCTV moderator Zhang Shaogang, Liu Lili was challenged, questioned, criticized publicly by Zhang and the invited CEOs. Chinese netizens overwhelmingly support Liu and criticize Zhang and the employers. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 14, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Zhang Shaogang


6 Million User Data of China Software Developer Network (CSDN) Leaked

Account information for more than 6 million registered users of online community Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN,net) has been leaked online. Read More

Science | Dec 22, 2011 PM | Related China stories:CSDN

School bus crash

School bus crash in Jiangsu province kills 15 and injures 8

AT least four officials have been suspended after Monday's fatal school bus accident that killed 15 pupils and injured eight in Fengxian County of eastern China's Jiangsu Province, local authorities said yesterday. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 17, 2011 AM | Related China stories:School bus crash

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