Sports cars club formed by rich second generation take shots for high-profile promotion in Zhejiang

Sports cars,Rich second generation

Super sports cars Club 'G-CLUB' formed by 'Rich Second Generation' take shots for promotion on May 11, 2012 in Dongyang City of Zhejiang Province. The club has more than 20 luxury sports cars including brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz.

On the afternoon of May 11, super sports cars Club "G-CLUB" formed by "Rich Second Generation" take shots for high-profile promotion in Hengdian Film and Television Base in Dongyang City of Zhejiang...   Full Story

Entertainment | May 12, 2012 PM | Related China Story:Sports cars

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Yao Jiaxin

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A Chinese court on Friday rejected the death sentence appeal filed by Yao Jiaxin, a music student who stabbed the cafe waitress Zhang Miao to death after knocked her down. On June 7, Yao Jiaxin was executed in Xi'an. Read More

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