Having the worst air pollution of China, Linfen city spends 50 million yuan in building 160 star-rated luxury public toilets to enhance its city image

Public toilet,Luxury toilet

Linfen city in Shanxi province has been criticized online after spending 50 million yuan on 'luxury toilets' in the faux style of China's famous buildings.

Best known as "the most polluted place on earth" and having "the worst air pollution of of China", the city of Linfen in North China's Shanxi province finally has something to boast of that is much...   Full Story

Environment | Mar 5, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Public toilet

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Public toilet

Wuhan spends one million RMB on single luxury public toilet, draws criticism

The luxury public toilet of Wuhan draws criticism from the Chinese netizens. According to Wuhan Chengguan Office , the reason to build such beautiful public toilets is to show the good image of the city of Wuhan. Building view-spot public toilet is one of the Top Ten Culture Initiative View-spot Projects of Wuhan. Read More

Environment | Dec 9, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Public toilet

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