China crashes organ trafficking ring involving doctors from public hospitals, the organization based in a villa in Beijing traded 51 kidneys within 9 months

Kidney trafficking,Organ trafficking ring

An underground human organ trafficking ring had sold 51 kidneys within 9 months from their kidney trade base in a rented villa in suburb of Beijing. The suspects include organ traders, doctors and even dean from big public hospitals.

Beijing court has postponed the court hearing concerning an underground organ trafficking ring when one of the suspect got sick and hospitalized. The human organ trafficking organization had sold 51 ...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Oct 28, 2012 AM | Related China Story:Kidney trafficking

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Organ trafficking

China crashes kidney trafficking ring in Hangzhou

Hangzhou police has crashed an illegal human kidney trafficking ring in a residential complex. Those living in the so called kidney trafficking base are mostly young men who were either in debt or wanted to earn quick money. At present the kidney trafficking base has as many as 30 young men waiting to sell their kidney. The price of a kidney is defined nationwide 35,000 RMB. Read More

Chinese Society | May 29, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Organ trafficking

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