It is dangerous to live in these half demolished houses, but residents in Nanning have no choice

Half demolished,Forced demolition

Previous forced demolition of buildings on both sides of the Changgang Road have left two lines of half demolished buildings, presenting a bizarre landscape of dangerous buildings in Nanning.

The dangerous buildings were left along both sides of the Changgang Road in Nanning, capital city of southwestern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, after a forced demolition campaigned ...   Full Story

China Economy | Jan 4, 2014 PM | Related China Story:Half demolished

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Housebreaking theft

Nanning police solved 10m yuan housebreaking theft case

Nanning police solved a housebreaking theft case that took place in February 2012, in which things worth at least 10 million yuan were stolen from one house. Chinese netizens suspect that the house owner was a corrupted official. Read More

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Bikini Festival

The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikini Festival Takes Place in Nanning

The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikinis Carnival takes place in Nanning. Read More

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