Dare you live in this temporary shanty house with doors open to the edge of a steep cliff?

Shanty house,Migrant workers

A temporary shanty house built for migrant workers was spotted standing on the edge of steep cliff 25 meters deep in Chongqing.

A temporary shanty house apparently for migrant workers was spotted by some netizens standing on the edge of a steep concrete cliff, NetEase reported on Friday May 22.The concrete cliff is around 25 ...   Full Story

Chinese Society | May 25, 2015 AM | Related China Story:Shanty house

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Unpaid wages

Typical China phenomenon at year's end: migrant workers threaten to jump off building in protest over unpaid wages in Lanzhou

Six migrant workers threatened to jump off the roof of a nine-storey building in Lanzhou as a protest over their unpaid wages of 240 thousand yuan. Read More

China Economy | Jan 5, 2014 AM | Related China stories:Unpaid wages

Population Census

China goes door-to-door for world's biggest census

China on Monday began its sixth population census, and the first in a decade, which will for the first time attempt to map the country's ever-increasing population of migrant workers. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 1, 2010 PM | Related China stories:Population Census

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