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Pee in squat toilet

Chinese Society | Jan 11, 2014 PM

Suzhou middle school management gets pissed off by three boys peeing in squat toilet where only pooping is allowed, punishes them

Pee in urinals and poop in the squatting style stool troughs and if you pee in the stool trough or poop in the urinals, you will get punished. This i...

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Separate boys and girls

Chinese Society | Jan 7, 2014 AM

Inner Mongolia middle school separates boys and girls when they have meal in school canteen

The measure is part of the efforts of the managing staff of the Shuguang Middle School of Hohhot to further discipline the junior and senior middle s...

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Education through dumping rubbish

Chinese Society | Dec 18, 2012 AM

Middle school headmaster dumps a trash bin of rubbish over head of girl student to punish her eating snacks during class, draws protest from the students

Recently a post exposing a middle school headmaster dumped a trash-bin of litters over the head of a girl student has drawn wide attention among Chin...

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