It looks like street luxury cars bumping game: Anhui father and son vent their spleen by driving Benz and BMW to bump into each other on busy city street

Luxury car,car bumping

On the morning of June 19, two luxury cars were caught on traffic surveillance camera bumping each other on a busy city street of Maanshan city in east China’s Anhui province. Owner of the two cars are found to be a father and son.

For most Chinese nationals, owning a car is still one of the many Chinese dreams that President Xi Jinping has introduced as new Chinese political jargon. But for those few nouveaux riches, luxury ca...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Jun 20, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Luxury car

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Bikini girls are hired to provide spice girls car wash services in Shanghai

A car wash company in Shanghai hires sexy bikini girls wearing sunglasses, high-heeled shoes to provide spice girls car wash services especially for those having luxury cars. Read More

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