Chinese kid receiving wishes from local government on her 10th birthday is dubbed as the most awesome kid of China

Most awesome kid,Birthday wishes

A post revealing the township CCP branch and government in Sheyang of Jiangsu sent birthday wishes to a 10 years old kid has sparked wide criticism among Chinese netizens. The kid is dubbed as the most awesome kid of China and supposed to be a second official generation.

Recently a post titled Do you dare to look into the eyes of the most awesome kid - Yan Jinghan posted on Voice-of-China forum on October 24, 2012 have got much attention accross China. According to t...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Oct 28, 2012 AM | Related China Story:Most awesome kid

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School bus crash

School bus crash in Jiangsu province kills 15 and injures 8

AT least four officials have been suspended after Monday's fatal school bus accident that killed 15 pupils and injured eight in Fengxian County of eastern China's Jiangsu Province, local authorities said yesterday. Read More

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