G-String? No, it is a multifunctional condom invented by Guangzhou students

Condom,G String

A group of six university students from Guangzhou have invented a new fashion of G-String shaped condoms which they claim are more capable of preventing people from contracting sexual diseases.

Sex feeling, G-string, condom are all embarrassing words for most Chinese, but for 20-year-old university junior girl student Kong Yan from the Guangzhou based South Medical University, they are what...   Full Story

China Economy | Nov 16, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Condom

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Chen Guangbiao

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Shortly after a group of pictures showcasing a money hill get public attention, Chinese tycoon and controversial philanthropist Chen Guangbiao received interview, saying that the money hill was worth 100 million RMB and he would lash out 230 million RMB to encourage invention and innovation among Chinese youths. Read More

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