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Fake leaves

Environment | Nov 9, 2013 AM

Shenyang decorates dead trees with fake leaves to make the city look greener in winter

The northeastern Chinese metropolis Shenyang has entered into bitter cold winter with most trees and lawns becoming yellow to grey, but several trees...

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Lawn dyed green

Environment | Feb 26, 2013 AM

Does Chengdu use toxic colorant to dye city view lawn green to make the city look more environment friendly?

Several city sanitary workers were spotted spraying green colorant to dye roadside lawn along the Chenglong Avenue in Chengdu, capital city of Southw...

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Public toilet

Environment | Dec 9, 2012 AM

Wuhan spends one million RMB on single luxury public toilet, draws criticism

Recent exposure by microblogging of a luxury public toilet built in Wuhan draws fierce cticism from the Chinese society. The luxury public toilet of ...

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Image project

Chinese Society | Dec 3, 2012 AM

Poor Chinese county builds roadside wall for glossing over shabby farmhouses along national highway, criticized as image project

A wall along expressway or railway is usually to insulate the nearby residential buildings from noise. But in China, it has other functions.Recently...

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