Seven people including six children killed in fire broking out in 'illegal’ Henan orphanage, 'Charity mother' questioned by government but sympathized by public

Illegal orphanage fire kills 7,Henan orphanage fire

Six children and one young adult have died in a fire that broke out in an orphanage in Lankao county in Henan province on the morning of January 4. All of those killed were orphans or abandoned children. Officials are put on grill for calling it an illegal orphanage although there isn't any legal or government-run orphanage in the county.

There were eight people in the simple two-room orphanage when the fire broke out at around 8 o'clock on the morning of January 4, Friday, four died at the scene, three died in hospital and one is sti...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Jan 7, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Illegal orphanage fire kills 7

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Luo yang sex slaves case

Henan civil servant in the sex dungeon case sentenced to death, three of the sex slaves found guilty as accomplices in killing two of their fellow captives

Henan civil servant Li Hao was sentenced to death for confining 6 women in the sex dungeon he secretly dug and killing 2 by a court in Luoyang of Henan in central China on Friday. And three of the sex slaves found guilty as accomplices in killing the two of their fellow captives. Read More

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Public trial

Public trial of suspects in Henan draws criticism

The controversial public trial of 51 suspects conducted by the security office of Xiangcheng City of Henan Province draws criticism. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 2, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Public trial

Hepatitis C

Clinic in Central China Infects Kids with Hepatitis C

A total of 104 people in Maqiao township of Yongcheng city in Henan have tested positive for Hepatitis C virus in a preliminary screening. Reused needles at a private clinic have been blamed for an outbreak of the HCV infection. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 29, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Hepatitis C

Sex slave

Man confined 6 women as sex slaves, killed 2

34-year-old Chinese man Li Hao has been arrested in the Chinese province of Henan after police found he had confined six women in a basement and killed two, the state-run Southern Metropolis Daily said. Some of the women are suspected to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome - when hostages start to sympathize with their captors. Read More

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Life sentence

Life Sentence for Chinese Driver for Evading Highway Tolls

Shi Jianfeng, a farmer in Henan province was sentenced to life imprisonment recently for evading highway toll up to $550,000. The amount may have been huge, but the case has raised doubts among people about fair legal treatment. Read More

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Drunk driving

Allegedly drunk Chinese official kills 5 with car

A Chinese government official suspected of being drunk killed five teenagers while driving over the weekend, the latest deadly hit-and-run case involving a government official. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 7, 2010 AM | Related China stories:Drunk driving

Cancer village

Cancer hangs over villages along Huai River

Cancer rates have surged in mainland China since the 1990s to become the nation's biggest killer. Environmental activists estimate that there are at least 100 cancer villages in China in which cancer rate is considerably higher than average level due to heavy pollution. Read More

Environment | Dec 3, 2010 PM | Related China stories:Cancer village

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