Guangzhou Officials have concrete cones densely erected under viaducts to drive away tramps

Concrete cones,City face

Recently a report saying Guangzhou officials have contrete cones densely erected under viaducts to drive away homeless wanderers has caused controversy among Chinese netizens.

Recently some netizens report through microbloggings that densely concrete cones have been erected under viaducts and overline bridges in Baiyun and Tianhe District of Guangzhou, capital city of sout...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Jul 3, 2012 AM | Related China Story:Concrete cones

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Chinese wife publicly beats up the mistress of her husband

One woman held another woman down and repeatedly beat her, even tearing at her shirt. It was said the attacker was the wife of a businessman, and the woman who was attacked was a xiaosan (小三, the third woman, or mistress of the husband). Read More

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Kungfu founder detained over economic crime

Public Security Bureau of Guangdong province told reporter that the founder Mr. Cai Dabiao and other three high-ranking executives of Kungfu Catering Management Co., Ltd., a fast growing fast food chain, were detained. Read More

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16th Asian Games 2010

Spectacular fireworks end 16th Asian Games

After two weeks of intense competition, China brought down the curtains on the 16th Asian Games with a well-planned closing ceremony. Read More

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16th Asian Games 2010

Liu Xiang completes Asian Games hat trick

Hurdler Liu Xiang successfully completed a hat trick of Asian Games titles in Guangzhou Wednesday, bagging China's 172nd gold medal in the 110-meter hurdles. Read More

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16th Asian Games 2010

16th Asian Games open amid fireworks, water show

Light beams, fireworks and water jets exploded from the banks of the Pearl River as China marked the opening of the 16th Asian Games in southern city Guangzhou, two years after dazzling the world with a gala opener to the Beijing Olympics. Read More

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