More than 30 million Chinese men will be lifetime bachelors by 2020 thanks to years of abnormally high gender imbalance at birth

Sex ratio at birth,Gender imbalance

Approximately 30-35 million Chinese men will not be able to find a wife by 2020 due to years of abnormally high sex ratio at birth resulting from the preference for sons, one-child policy and sex-selective abortion, Chinese media reported June 28th, 2013.

Normally the sex ratio at birth stands between 102 to 107 to every 100 girls, but in China the sex ratio has remained averagely 120 for the last two decades, with some provinces recording highest fig...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Jun 30, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Sex ratio at birth

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Leftover women

Sheng nu – China's leftover women, single and unmarried in their late trenties and beyond

Sheng nu (剩女, shèngnǚ) or leftover women refer to those Chinese women who remain unmarried in their late twenties and beyond. In this article we explain why there are increasing number of leftover women in China where gender imbalance in favour of boys continues to worsen. Read More

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Man marries dwarf woman

Chinese Thumbelina: 26-yr vs 35, 175cm vs 90, Chinese man luckily marries dwarf woman in a country where gender imbalance is expected to produce 50 million bachelors by 2020

Chinese version of Thumbelina: 26-yr vs 35, 175cm vs 90, Chinese man luckily marries dwarf woman in a country where shocking gender imbalance is expected to produce 50 million life-time bachelors by 2020. Read More

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China's gender imbalance still grave

The notoriously problematic gap between the number of boys and girls born in China has reduced for three consecutive years, the first sustained alleviation in the gender ratio in 30 years, said a report in Thursday's People's Daily newspaper. Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 31, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Gender imbalance

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