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Sex ratio at birth

Chinese Society | Jun 30, 2013 AM

More than 30 million Chinese men will be lifetime bachelors by 2020 thanks to years of abnormally high gender imbalance at birth

Normally the sex ratio at birth stands between 102 to 107 to every 100 girls, but in China the sex ratio has remained averagely 120 for the last two ...

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Leftover women

Chinese Society | Apr 17, 2013 AM

Sheng nu – China's leftover women, single and unmarried in their late trenties and beyond

China is expected to have 30 million bachelors by 2020 thanks to one-child policy and persistent imbalanced sex ratio of newborns in favour of boys. ...

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Man marries dwarf woman

Chinese Society | Feb 3, 2013 AM

Chinese Thumbelina: 26-yr vs 35, 175cm vs 90, Chinese man luckily marries dwarf woman in a country where gender imbalance is expected to produce 50 million bachelors by 2020

special couple from Xiaojiang town, Pingyang county, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province in eastern China, registered their marital status in local civil...

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Gender imbalance

Chinese Society | Mar 31, 2012 AM

China's gender imbalance still grave

March 31, 2011, BEIJING - But the figure is still higher than a warning limit and the country faces an arduous task to redress its gender imbalance, ...

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