Carcinogenic formaldehyde-preserved vegetables spark new wave of food safety concerns

Food safety,Food safety concerns

Recent reports exposing that some vegetable dealers in Shandong use a formaldehyde solution to keep vegetables fresh. That this kind of toxic vegetables can cause cancer if eaten too much sparks public anger and new wave of food safety concerns.

May 7, 2012, Jinan - Reports of toxic vegetables appeared on the web over the weekend, alleging that vegetable dealers in Qingzhou were spraying a formaldehyde solution on Chinese cabbage to keep the...   Full Story

China Economy | May 7, 2012 AM | Related China Story:Food safety

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Food safety

Postgraduate establishes food safety website,warning Chinese are exchanging feces to eat

Postgraduate Wu Heng established a food safety website called 'Throw out of window' in June 2011. The website indicates that the food safety problems of China become worse and increased. Wu Heng warns that Chinese are exchanging feces to eat. Read More

Chinese Society | May 6, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Food safety

Gutter oil

Zhejiang police arrested over 100 for making new type of gutter oil

Zhejiang police said they had found more than 3200 tons of gutter oil, which was made from wasted animal viscera, including pig skin, cattle skin, goat skin, and degenerated internal organs of animals. The gutter oil has been sold to nearby provinces as cooking oil. 100 suspects were arrested accordingly. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 3, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Gutter oil

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