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Food safety

China Economy | May 7, 2012 AM

Carcinogenic formaldehyde-preserved vegetables spark new wave of food safety concerns

May 7, 2012, Jinan - Reports of toxic vegetables appeared on the web over the weekend, alleging that vegetable dealers in Qingzhou were spraying a fo...

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Food safety

Chinese Society | May 6, 2012 AM

Postgraduate establishes food safety website,warning Chinese are exchanging feces to eat

May 5, 2012, Shanghai - Wu Heng, a postgraduate student from Fudan University had not thought that he would become a national internet celebrity by e...

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Gutter oil

Chinese Society | Apr 3, 2012 AM

Zhejiang police arrested over 100 for making new type of gutter oil

April 3, 2011, Hangzhou - Zhejiang police said Monday they have arrested over 100 suspects accused of making a new type of 'gutter oil' in a major fo...

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