Man carrying a pet dog on his back for a walk moves Chinese netizens

Carry dog on back,Dog lover

A Chinese dog lover was caught carrying his old pet dog on his back for a walk. The man explained he did so because his pet dog was 17 years old and unable to walk.

The most happy moment proves to be that someone carries you on his or her back when you are too old to walk on your own.The dog in the picture must be envied by many Chinese old people in a country w...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Mar 18, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Carry dog on back

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Dog fighting

Dog fighting sport played in dog market in East China criticized as animal abuse

Recently a dog market in Bozhou City of Anhui Province has drawn national attention. The dog market is the place where the blood sport of dog fighting takes place, which is criticized as animal abuse by Chinese dog lovers. Read More

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Dog refuge

Dogs starve to death in large numbers due to lack of food and medicine in Taiyuan dog refuge

Love Home is the only dog refuge for wandering dogs in Taiyuan of Shanxi. The dogs refuge is financed and maintained by voluntary Chinese dog lovers around the country. Due to lack of food and medicine, dogs in the Taiyuan dog refuge starve to death in large numbers every day. Read More

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Dog lover

Chinese dog lovers knelt in dog meat market,pushing against eating dog

A group of Chinese dog lovers leaded by Chinese action artist Pian Shan Kong came to a dog meat market in Yulin City of Guangxi campaigning against eating dog. Pian Shan Kong even knelt down in front of the dead dogs in the market, confessing sins and apologizing to the dogs. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 21, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Dog lover

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