Shall China ban residents from raising large dogs? Frequent attacks and killings by Tibetan mastiff spark outrage against dog owners and national debate on urban dog control

Dog attacks,Tibetan mastiff

The death of a 3-year-old girl from Liaoning and the injury of an 8-year-old girl from Shanxi has sparked national debate on whether ferocious dogs should be banned from cities and what kind of responsibilities the dog owners should shoulder.

The death of a 3-year-old girl from Dalian of Liaoning province and the injury of an 8-year-old girl from Yuncheng of Shanxi province has set off  national debate on whether large and ferocious ...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Jun 29, 2013 PM | Related China Story:Dog attacks

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Carry dog on back

Man carrying a pet dog on his back for a walk moves Chinese netizens

A Chinese dog lover was caught carrying his old pet dog on his back for a walk. The man explained he did so because his pet dog was 17 years old and unable to walk. Read More

Chinese Society | Mar 18, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Carry dog on back

Anti Japanese sentiment

'Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs forbidden here'; Beijing restaurant's nationalistic statement draws criticism in China

'We do not serve Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs '; A restaurant in Houhai Park in central Beijing puts up banner full of nationalistic statement that has drawn criticism in China with some Chinese netizen call the action of the restaurant owner as psychic masturbation. Read More

Chinese Society | Feb 27, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Anti Japanese sentiment

Child beggar

Chinese child beggar kneels down begging in front of shops, accompanied by pet horse and dog

A resident from Ezhou city of Hubei province surnamed Wang told the local newspaper (Hubei Times) that he saw a child beggar begging along a street and what surprised him was that the little girl led a tall horse, on the back of which stood a dog. Read More

Chinese Society | Dec 16, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Child beggar

Dog fighting

Dog fighting sport played in dog market in East China criticized as animal abuse

Recently a dog market in Bozhou City of Anhui Province has drawn national attention. The dog market is the place where the blood sport of dog fighting takes place, which is criticized as animal abuse by Chinese dog lovers. Read More

Chinese Society | Sep 17, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Dog fighting

Dog refuge

Dogs starve to death in large numbers due to lack of food and medicine in Taiyuan dog refuge

Love Home is the only dog refuge for wandering dogs in Taiyuan of Shanxi. The dogs refuge is financed and maintained by voluntary Chinese dog lovers around the country. Due to lack of food and medicine, dogs in the Taiyuan dog refuge starve to death in large numbers every day. Read More

Chinese Society | Aug 27, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Dog refuge

Dog lover

Chinese dog lovers knelt in dog meat market,pushing against eating dog

A group of Chinese dog lovers leaded by Chinese action artist Pian Shan Kong came to a dog meat market in Yulin City of Guangxi campaigning against eating dog. Pian Shan Kong even knelt down in front of the dead dogs in the market, confessing sins and apologizing to the dogs. Read More

Chinese Society | Jun 21, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Dog lover

Kong Qingdong

Beijing professor Kong Qingdong provokes anger by calling Hong Kongers as dogs

Peking University professor Kong Qingdong who traces his lineage to Confucius — China’s ancient champion of harmony and courtesy — has stirred an angry bout of disharmony with a tirade against Hong Kong as a land of “dogs” and “thieves” in thrall to British colonialism. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 23, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Kong Qingdong


Dogs saved from dinner table

Animal rights campaigners rescued 430 dogs from the dinner table at the weekend after staging a 15-hour blockade at a toll station in Tongzhou district. Read More

Chinese Society | Apr 18, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Dog

Kneel with dead dog

Chinese drivers forced to kneel with dead dog

Two men driving a van were forced to kneel for one hour with a dead dog after they ran the proodle over in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu province on Sunday, local news portal reported. Read More

Chinese Society | Jan 15, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Kneel with dead dog

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