Discrimination against foreigners? Snack vendors at foot of the Great Wall sell pancake at 10 yuan to Chinese but 65 to foreign tourists

Discrimination,Price cheat

Vendors at the foot of the Great Wall were spotted selling snack and other commodities at different price to foreign tourists from to Chinese, criticized as discriminating against foreigners.

One USD=one Renminbi,  No? You may change your idea when you read the story that pancake is sold on the Great Wall at 10 yuan to Chinese but changed to 65 yuan (roughly 10 USD) for foreigners.A ...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Nov 15, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Discrimination

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Singlehood discrimination

Does singlehood discrimination at work exist in China? Single woman required by boss to work overtime during National Day holiday because she is single

28-year-old single woman Miss Ning was asked to work overtime during the Chinese National Day holiday as her boss thought she has not boyfriend. Read More

Chinese Society | Oct 2, 2013 AM | Related China stories:Singlehood discrimination

Gender discrimination

Chinese college girls perform action art, protesting against gynecological exam and gender discrimination in civil service examination

On November 26, a group of Chinese college girls performed action art in Wuhan of Hubei Province, protesting against gynecological exam and gender discrimination in national civil service examination. Read More

Chinese Society | Nov 26, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Gender discrimination

Head bald shaved

Chinese girls have their heads bald shaved to protest against sex discrimination in higher education

On August 30, four high school girl students had their heads bald shaved publicly in Guangzhou to protest against sex discrimination practised by some Chinese universities in enrolling new students, and against inexplicit response of the Chinese ministry of education to this problem. Read More

Chinese Society | Aug 30, 2012 PM | Related China stories:Head bald shaved

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