Chinese college girls perform action art, protesting against gynecological exam and gender discrimination in civil service examination

Gender discrimination,Gynecological exam

On November 26, a group of Chinese college girls performed action art in Wuhan of Hubei Province, protesting against gynecological exam and gender discrimination in national civil service examination.

At 11 am on Monday, a group of university girls performed action art titled "No gynecological examination in national civil service examination, men and women are equal", protesting against the requi...   Full Story

Chinese Society | Nov 26, 2012 AM | Related China Story:Gender discrimination

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Fly in fast food

Eatery owner knelt to self-proclaimed civil servants couple finding a fly in food

The female owner of a small restaurant in Chuxiong of Yunnan knelt to a couple finding a fly in the fast food they ordered, accoring to an online post. The couple called themselves as civil servants, which rejected by local officals. Read More

Chinese Society | May 13, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Fly in fast food

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