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Chongqing sex video Extortion scandal

Chinese Society | Jan 25, 2013 AM

After Lei Zhengfu, 10 more high ranking officials sacked as investigation of Chongqing sex scandal expands; Prostitute hailed as anti-corruption heroine

The 10 officials should have had no sense of the thought that they could be toppled down by a pretty, lovely and apparently powerless girl when they ...

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Mysterious disease

Chinese Society | Nov 6, 2012 AM

Eating 8 meals, 5 kg of rice per day, Chinese teenage girl suffering from mysterious disease places an intolerable burden on her adoptive father

To stuff the stomach, a human need to eat 8 meals, 10 jin (5 kilogram) per day! It is not hearsay. For 15-year-old Chinese teenage girl Xiang Shiyu ...

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Wu Yuanbi

Chinese Society | May 23, 2011 AM

Migrant woman died days after she performed her own surgery with kitchen knife

June 4, 2011, Chongqing - “After this cut,if I am cured, my family will not be burden on any more; if I die,my family will be relieved of a lot of m...

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Tian Houbo

Chinese Society | May 7, 2011 AM

A female beggar was crushed to death one hour after injured by the same truck

May 6,2011,Chongqing – On the way home in the evening,Tian Houbo knocked down a female beggar. He quickly drove away from the spot. But he came back...

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Property tax

China Economy | Jan 27, 2011 PM

China approves testing property tax in some cities

January 28, 2010, BEIJIG - Shanghai and Chongqing will launch the first-ever property tax for second-home buyers, part of a series of government meas...

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