Mistress makes new contributions to China's anti-corruption campaign by pulling down top planning official Liu Tienan

Liu Tienan,Mistress anti corruption

Liu Tienan has officially been fired from his post as deputy head of China’s top economic planning agency on suspicion of 'serious discipline violations' on May 14th. It is the mistress anti-corruption mechanism that helps in pulling him down.

Yet another evidence that mistress-led anti-corruption mechanism is effective in China.After toppling down Yi Junqing, a vice-ministerial-level official and top Marxist theorist leading a key CPC&rsq...   Full Story

Entertainment | May 14, 2013 AM | Related China Story:Liu Tienan

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Inspection in rain

Chinese officials performing inspection in artificial rain using water gun draws criticism

Chinese officials using fire-fighting water gun to create scene in which officials were conducting inspection in rain have drawn sharp criticism from Chinese netizens that they were actors making publicity stunt. Read More

Chinese Society | Sep 16, 2012 AM | Related China stories:Inspection in rain

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