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Tang Wei

Entertainment | Jan 14, 2014 AM

Here is the details of how the telecom scam swindled Tang Wei out of 210k yuan

Curious about how the smart, sexy "Lust, Caution" actress Tang Wei was swindled out of 210k yuan in a telecom scam on Saturday as all Chine...

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Tang Wei

Entertainment | Jan 12, 2014 AM

Even as smart as sexy 'Lust Caution' actress Tang Wei could be defrauded of 210,000 yuan ($35000) by telecom swindlers

"Lust, Caution" protagnonist Tang Wei reported to Shanghai police that she was cheated out of 210,000 yuan (roughly $35000) in a telecom fr...

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Dragon Seed

Entertainment | May 27, 2013 AM

Watch:1940s Hollywood movie Dragon Seed starring Katharine Hepburn and portraying heroic Chinese anti-Japanese war goes viral in China

The typical anti-Japanese war films and TV dramas produced in China are never lack of the following scenarios: brutal Japanese soldiers are fond of k...

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Liu Tienan

Entertainment | May 14, 2013 AM

Mistress makes new contributions to China's anti-corruption campaign by pulling down top planning official Liu Tienan

Yet another evidence that mistress-led anti-corruption mechanism is effective in China.After toppling down Yi Junqing, a vice-ministerial-level offic...

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Hainan Rendezvous

Entertainment | Apr 6, 2013 AM

Cocktail party or group orgy? Pictures of Hainan Rendezvous event promoting luxury lifestyle go viral in China

Hainan Rendezvous Lifestyle and Yacht Show is the leading event in China promoting luxury goods and lifesty held in popular tourist resort Sanya in S...

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Peng Liyuan

Entertainment | Mar 27, 2013 AM

Peng Liyuan, China's glamorous new First Lady, returns to center stage, as 'Liyuan style' becomes new fashion trend

China's new First Lady is poised to burnish China's global image in a charm offensive diplomacy.Peng Liyuan, a popular folk singer, and wife of China...

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Shen Jilan

Entertainment | Feb 2, 2013 PM

Democracy with Chinese characteristics: 84 yrs old Shen Jilan elected deputy to NPC for the 12th time; Never cast a ‘No' vote in 60 years of service as lawmaker

84 years old Shen Jilan was elected deputy to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), the country's top legislature, on Wednesday January 30, 2013...

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Body painting

Entertainment | Jan 29, 2013 AM

Chinese ink-painting on white skin of topless young models: Eight senior artists perform body painting action art publicly in Chongqing

Eight senior artists performed body painting action art on 16 topless models in traditional Chinese painting style in front of hundreds of spectators...

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Diana Peng Dan

Entertainment | Jan 23, 2013 AM

Sexy Chinese actress and Hong Kong porn star Diana Peng Dan to advise CPC on how to enhance sex appeal

Chinese have envied other nations for allowing sexy porn actresses to contest for presidency with other formally polite male candidates for decades. ...

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Subway pole dancing

Entertainment | Jan 13, 2013 AM

Watch: Hot girl performs pole dancing on Wuhan subway, criticized as disturbing traffic order

A strong and thin iron pole and a level ground are the only two necessary conditions for pole dancing. Subway carriage proves to be the best free st...

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Top 10 ugliest sculptures

Entertainment | Dec 25, 2012 AM

Top ten ugliest sculptures of China revealed, topless statue of Zhang Ziyi in Chongqing and 'Constitution is Nothing' sculpture in Xi'an among the list

The online voting lasts for three months and total votes count as manay as 5 million. The top 10 ugliest sculptures of China are finally revealed. Th...

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Chen Guangbiao

Entertainment | Dec 21, 2012 AM

Controversial Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao showcases money hill stacked with 100 million RMB to inspire invention and innovation

The money hill stacked with 1 million brand-new 100-yuan banknote is 1.6 meter tall, 17-meter long and weighs 1.5 tons. It will belong to you in cert...

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Kung Fu Master

Entertainment | Jun 30, 2012 AM

Chinnese folk Kung Fu master rises to fame, attracting foreign students all over the world

63 years old Chen Fusheng is a farmer and Kung Fu master living in Beijing. Born in Beijing in 1950, Chen Fusheng started practicing Chinese Martial...

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Euro 2012

Entertainment | Jun 11, 2012 AM

Bikini hostess shows up to preside Euro 2012 program on Guangdong TV

June 11,2012, Guangzhou - The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, or shortly referred as Euro 2012 hosted by Poland and Ukraine, kicked off on ...

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Pole dance contest

Entertainment | May 29, 2012 AM

Beijing held pole dance contest in Hilton Hotel

May 27 the 4th Yidaba Pole Dance Contest took place in a Beijing Hilton Hotel. The contestants performed hot dance in return. The atmosphere is so h...

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Sports cars

Entertainment | May 12, 2012 PM

Sports cars club formed by rich second generation take shots for high-profile promotion in Zhejiang

On the afternoon of May 11, super sports cars Club "G-CLUB" formed by "Rich Second Generation" take shots for high-profile promotion in Hengdian Film...

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Bikini girl

Entertainment | May 6, 2012 AM

Miss Turism International Contestants Perform Bikini Show in Hubei

On May 4th, 54 Chinese girls participating in 2012 Miss International Tourism Contest performed bikini show in beautiful resort of Hot Spring Area in...

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Bikini Festival

Entertainment | Apr 30, 2012 AM

The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikini Festival Takes Place in Nanning

April 28, 2012, Nanning - The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikini Festival at its Caribbean Water Park takes place today in Nanning, capital city of Guangxi Zhua...

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Sex culture festival

Entertainment | Apr 29, 2012 AM

The 5th Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival features S&M show

April 28, 2011, Zhengzhou - The fifth Central China Sex Culture Festival took place at the China International Exhibition Center in Zhengzhou, capita...

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Ai Weiwei

Entertainment | May 20, 2011 PM

Ai Weiwei Died from Overwork

FUZHOU - The obituary notice of Ai Weiwei, a beautiful online model, artist and soccer baby in East China's Fujian province, has been widely circulat...

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