Mysterious human corpse processing factory in Dalian exposed

Corpse processing,Plastination

Von Hagens Dalian Plastination Ltd is specialized in human corpse processing and biological plastination. The company dessects, dehydrates, reshapes human body corpses and the final products are human specimens which can be stored for a long time.

"Life ends but corpse remains forever" sounds difficult to understand, but today in Dalian, in China, in the world, this has been realized.Two workers in plastic uniform came and uncover the metal bo...   Full Story

Science | Apr 29, 2012 AM | Related China Story:Corpse processing

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6 Million User Data of China Software Developer Network (CSDN) Leaked

Account information for more than 6 million registered users of online community Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN,net) has been leaked online. Read More

Science | Dec 22, 2011 PM | Related China stories:CSDN

Negative AIDS

Zhong Nanshan: Symptoms of 'Negative Aids' patients caused by known virus

Leading Guangzhou medical professional Zhong Nanshan (钟南山) says his researchers found no evidence to support claims that a group of patients suffered from so-called negative Aids. Their symptoms are caused by known virus and short-term treatment is effective. Read More

Science | May 7, 2011 AM | Related China stories:Negative AIDS

high speed railway

Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway begins operation

By 2012, China plans to have 42 high-speed passenger rail lines with total track length of 13-thousand kilometers. Read More

Science | Oct 27, 2010 AM | Related China stories:high speed railway

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