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China Economy | Jan 18, 2018 AM

Shall we call Chinese men 'family spendthrift' as new report indicates they spend more in online shopping than Chinese women, by a large margin and for less worthy commodities?

Chinese women have long been branded as the family spendthrift, as they are the main money spender of most Chinese families, especially in online sho...

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China Economy | Jan 17, 2018 AM

Inside story: the reason why McDonald’s China changed its name to Jin Gong Men, or Golden Arches, is definitely out of your imagination!

It was full of big events in rapidly developing Chinese business circle in 2017. And the name change of McDonald’s China to Jin Gong Men, or Go...

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Nail house

China Economy | Feb 23, 2014 AM

Changsha old man holds out in half demolished 'nail house' that stands on man-made mound in middle of construction site

In China, a "nail house" refers to a home whose owners refuse to leave and make room for new development. Developers have to elaborately co...

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Nail house

China Economy | Jan 18, 2014 AM

This half demolished building standing in middle of an intersection has been dubbed as the most stubborn nail house of Fujian

This kind of story is actually not big news in China any more, as people in China are increasingly becoming desensitized to the reporting of nail hou...

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Counterfeit brand

China Economy | Jan 14, 2014 AM

Counterfeit brand signs removed from the 'Street of Fakes' in Wuxi

It appears Wuxi does not like the title of "Street of Fakes" or "Shanzhai Street". Days after the shopping street that was lined ...

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Counterfeit brand

China Economy | Jan 8, 2014 AM

This shopping street in Wuxi has a cluster of counterfeit brands based on some of the world's most famous

A glimpse of these shops on the ground floor of Shimao Skyscrape commercial and residential complex in the vicinity of the bustling high-speed railwa...

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Unpaid wages

China Economy | Jan 5, 2014 AM

Typical China phenomenon at year's end: migrant workers threaten to jump off building in protest over unpaid wages in Lanzhou

Confrontations over unpaid wages are common in China in the runup to the lunar new year (it falls on January 31 for the year 2014), often the only ti...

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Half demolished

China Economy | Jan 4, 2014 PM

It is dangerous to live in these half demolished houses, but residents in Nanning have no choice

The dangerous buildings were left along both sides of the Changgang Road in Nanning, capital city of southwestern China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autono...

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Street advertisement

China Economy | Dec 9, 2013 AM

Typical street view in China: that is too many advertisements on this pedestrian bridge in Harbin

You can see advertising banners, flyers, stickers, tear-offs on road signs, telephone poles, apartment walls in all Chinese cities, but this pedestri...

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China Economy | Nov 19, 2013 AM

Zhejiang farmer grows crops on rooftop farm, saying yield is 30 percent higher than on ground-level land

China appears to have utilized the rooftops of houses and buildings to the largest extent, with people rushing to build houses, villas, gardens and g...

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China Economy | Nov 16, 2013 AM

G-String? No, it is a multifunctional condom invented by Guangzhou students

Sex feeling, G-string, condom are all embarrassing words for most Chinese, but for 20-year-old university junior girl student Kong Yan from the Guang...

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Giant penis

China Economy | Nov 13, 2013 AM

Look: this phallus-shaped building will be the landmark and tallest construction of Hainan

People’s Daily will not be complacent of its new headquarters any more, as China’s southernmost province Hainan is building an even more ...

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Toy bricks building

China Economy | Sep 28, 2013 AM

Toy Bricks building appears in Guangzhou

As the Guangzhou Copper Coin Building is almost finished with construction, another bizarre building has been recently discovered by some alert netiz...

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Rooftop house

China Economy | Sep 11, 2013 AM

Sky houses supported simply by pillars appear on rooftop of three-storey building in Dongguan

We once gave the envious crown the most awesome villa of China to the four rooftop villas in Zhuzhou, Hunan, and then to the Beijing rooftop villa wi...

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Guardrail blown down

China Economy | Aug 20, 2013 AM

Zhejiang bridge named as Paper Bridge after stone guardrails on it blown down by wind

Can you imagine concrete guardrails of a bridge which are used to prevent pedestrians and even cars from falling off the bridge can be blown down by ...

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Rooftop villa

China Economy | Aug 12, 2013 AM

Beijing professor spends six years building an awesome villa with mountain rock and tree on roof of 26-storey apartment building; Update: to be demolished in 15 days

Chinese netizens have given the envious crown the most awesome villas of China to four houses built on roof of a shopping center in Zhuzhou city of H...

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Beijiu barrel

China Economy | Aug 10, 2013 AM

Take a look at the Hangzhou Liquor Barrel building that remains unfinished for ten years

Shanghai residents may be proud of their artistic building Riding Boot, Beijing has Giant Penis and Big Underpants, Suzhou is famous for its Long Joh...

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Wolf skin smuggling

China Economy | Aug 9, 2013 AM

Beijing custom officials intercept 645 pieces of wolf skin being smuggled into China

Beijing custom officials seized 645 pieces of whole wolf skin which were not on list for custom clearance on August 9, 2013. This is the case Beijing...

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Mini Paris

China Economy | Aug 4, 2013 AM

China's Little Paris in Hangzhou ends up like ghost town and functions more as backdrop for wedding photography

We have seen western architectures sprouting across China, from replicated US White House to US Capitals, from Austrian town to English villages.But ...

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Sky villas

China Economy | Aug 3, 2013 PM

Will the roof houses survive possible forceful demolition? Houses built in the sky by Hunan developer are ruled as illegal and not allowed to be sold

In a densely populated city, land has become so expensive that real estate developers are thinking of building houses in the sky as the one in Hengya...

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