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Yasukuni Shrine toilet

Chinese Society | Apr 13, 2013 AM

Restaurant in Hefei names toilet 'Yasukuni Shrine', sparking debate among Chinese netizens

According to the local news website Hefei Online, the snack bar Rongliji on the Suzhou Road in Hefei was revealed by a netizen named Duyinshan in a f...

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People's Daily

Chinese Society | Apr 13, 2013 AM

Yin and Yang harmony between key CPC mouthpieces: People's Daily new headquarters hailed as best match of the CCTV Big Underpants building

As one of the key mouthpieces of communist party of China, the People’s Daily usually makes news for its readers, but now it becomes the news for Ch...

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Floating corpse

Chinese Society | Apr 4, 2013 AM

Profitable business: salvaging floating corpses from Yellow River; the story of a body fisher who collects tens of human cadavers annually in a hydropower dam in Lanzhou

We have reported the new job opportunity China has recently created for fishermen to fish dead pigs, instead of fish from polluted rivers. Actually t...

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Mistress beaten up

Chinese Society | Mar 28, 2013 AM

Are wild women even more cold-blooded than men? Five women beat up alleged mistress and strip her naked on street, ignoring the cry of her 4 years old daughter

A video clip  showing five wild women insulted, besieged another woman, stripped her naked and then threw faeces over her head on the street of ...

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Immediate handling office

Chinese Society | Mar 25, 2013 AM

Is it reinforcing or reducing bureaucracy? Chinese city Xiangyang sets up hundreds of ‘immediate handling offices' to improve government efficiency in solving residents' appeals

Most Chinese that have once entered a government office to ask for help to resolve their difficulties or problems understand what they have appealed ...

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Blackmail officials

Chinese Society | Mar 25, 2013 AM

County in Hunan declares people's war against those using photoshopped obscene photos to blackmail officials

37 years after Mao’s death, the people’s war he invented is still powerful in eyes of his communist followers to wipe out any potential threat.Bann...

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Protest against Russia

Chinese Society | Mar 19, 2013 AM

'Return Chinese territory, take back communist theory', Chinese netizens greet Russian online embassy with verbally violent mass protest

Russian politicians must have been believing that they are one of the most welcome foreigners among Chinese people, as they opened a Weibo account on...

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Carry dog on back

Chinese Society | Mar 18, 2013 AM

Man carrying a pet dog on his back for a walk moves Chinese netizens

The most happy moment proves to be that someone carries you on his or her back when you are too old to walk on your own.The dog in the picture must b...

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Lose weight

Chinese Society | Mar 17, 2013 AM

Guangxi obese man weighing 185 kg has 90% of his stomach cut off to lose weight

Want to lose weight? Then first lose your stomach. This appears to be the last straw a Chinese obese man can depend on to free himself from the pain ...

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Teacher abuses student

Chinese Society | Mar 15, 2013 PM

Guangdong primary school teacher orders little class cadre to give a 6 years old pupil 50 beats with club in front of the total class; teacher fired for student abuse

Not finishing homework could have severe consequence in China, no matter how old you are.A primary school teacher in Foshan, Guangdong province was n...

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Sunshade umbrella for tree

Chinese Society | Mar 13, 2013 AM

Shenzhen officials adroit at flattering superiors erect surveillance camera and sunshade umbrella over a tree planted by retiring Chinese president Hu Jintao (Update: Demolished)

Recently some visitors to Shenzhen Lianhua Mountain Plaza have noticed that a sunshade umbrella was erected over the tree planted in 2010 by retiring...

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Stuck between walls

Chinese Society | Mar 11, 2013 AM

Wenzhou man taking a narrow gap between houses as shortcut gets stuck for 10 hours, almost losing his life

The man, at the age of 50 years old, is a villager from Xinqiao village, Winzhou city, Zhejiang province in East China. In order to return home from ...

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Woman rapes man

Chinese Society | Mar 1, 2013 AM

Oh no, it is not the opposite, Chinese woman rapes man on street in Chengdu!

Recently a Weibo tweet with the title ‘Strong Chengdu woman rapes a man on street’ has gone viral on Chinese social media. Although some Chinese fe...

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Anti Japanese sentiment

Chinese Society | Feb 27, 2013 AM

'Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs forbidden here'; Beijing restaurant's nationalistic statement draws criticism in China

A sign in a Beijing restaurant reads ‘We do not serve Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs’. The group of photos were shot by a foreign reporte...

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Make money by doing homework

Chinese Society | Feb 24, 2013 AM

Shrewd businessman: Chinese primary school student makes money by doing homework for classmates

The mother of the grade five primary school student noticed that her son did homework almost everyday during the 30-day long winter vacation. She was...

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Wanted poster

Chinese Society | Feb 19, 2013 AM

No, it is not a wanted poster; Hunan parents put up notice requesting internet cafés not to allow their teenage son to access internet

How to treat the bad habits of the children has perplexed millions parents around the world. A Chinese father from Shaoyang city, Hunan province has ...

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toddler poop in airplane aisle

Chinese Society | Feb 18, 2013 AM

After subway carriage, airplane aisle is also the place for Chinese toddler to poop

As Chinese travelers start to go back to cities after short reunion with their family members and relatives, transportation chaos as well as uncivili...

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Man marries dwarf woman

Chinese Society | Feb 3, 2013 AM

Chinese Thumbelina: 26-yr vs 35, 175cm vs 90, Chinese man luckily marries dwarf woman in a country where gender imbalance is expected to produce 50 million bachelors by 2020

special couple from Xiaojiang town, Pingyang county, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province in eastern China, registered their marital status in local civil...

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Beijing Gay wedding ceremony

Chinese Society | Jan 31, 2013 AM

Wedding ceremony of Beijing gay couple tolerated and welcomed by the public, but ruined by a 'bastard' son

The gay wedding ceremony was held in a restaurant on the afternoon of Jan. 30, 2013 in Pinggu District, Beijing. Wearing wedding suit and gown, the g...

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Live with python

Chinese Society | Jan 30, 2013 AM

The amazing story of a Guangdong boy who plays, sleeps and lives with a gigantic PYTHON for years, which is big enough to swallow an adult human

Most people are scared to see a snake, not to mention a gigantic python. But it is not for A Zhe, 13 years old boy from Dongguan city, Guangdong prov...

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