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Seal mouth

Chinese Society | Nov 18, 2013 AM

Guangdong police seal mouths of theft suspects with sticky tape, claiming to prevent them from confessing in collusion

The Huizhou police said they did so to prevent the suspects from confessing in collusion, because police did not understand the dialect the suspect s...

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Keep mistress

Chinese Society | Nov 17, 2013 AM

Guangxi official signs 'mistress keeping agreement' with married woman, promising to date her at least once a week

China's characteristic mistress-led anti-corruption mechanism took effect in another case.Tao Yi, a tax bureau official from Guigang city, Guangx...

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Chinese Society | Nov 16, 2013 PM

Hainan woman dangles by her clothes from balcony of her fourth-floor apartment, saved by firefighters

On the early morning of November 13th, a woman from Changjiang county, Hainan province was seen dangling by her clothes from the outer wall between t...

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Old tree

Chinese Society | Nov 16, 2013 AM

700-year-old tree secretly chopped down but too heavy to be hauled away, overturns crane

A local timber trader brought with his workers and secretly felled down a 700-year old tree in a Nanmu village, Bingchuan town, Shifang city, Sichuan...

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Chinese Society | Nov 16, 2013 AM

Watch: Topless girl spotted begging for 15 yuan to buy food on her knees in the rain in Guangzhou

Child beggars are not scarce in China, but it is a rare scene that a girl tries to be successful in begging by baring her chest, as what happened on ...

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Official inspection

Chinese Society | Nov 15, 2013 PM

Wearing shoe covers for a field inspection, Shaanxi officials prompt online ridicule

For officials of Science Association of Xianyang city in northwestern China’s Shaanxi province, attracting national media coverage would normal...

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Chinese Society | Nov 15, 2013 AM

Discrimination against foreigners? Snack vendors at foot of the Great Wall sell pancake at 10 yuan to Chinese but 65 to foreign tourists

One USD=one Renminbi,  No? You may change your idea when you read the story that pancake is sold on the Great Wall at 10 yuan to Chinese but cha...

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Strips off

Chinese Society | Nov 13, 2013 AM

Tough Shanghai woman caught and fined for violating traffic rule, strips off naked and tears at male cop's trousers

A middle aged woman stripped off naked and vehemently resisted law enforcement of police when caught violating traffic rules in Shanghai, Xinmin Net ...

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Illegal construction

Chinese Society | Nov 11, 2013 AM

'The most beautiful illegal constructions' of Haikou look like train running through the city

Usually illegal constructions in China are thought to be of low safety standard, shoddy quality, dull appearance or atop other buildings, but the one...

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Swallow knife

Chinese Society | Nov 10, 2013 AM

Middle aged Liaoning man swallows 10-cm-long knife because he feels wronged by others; Saved without any harm after a whole day

It is difficult to understand anyone will swallow a 10-centimeter-long sharp knife, and it is even unbelievable that this human can survive one day a...

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Chinese Society | Nov 10, 2013 AM

Calling uncivilized passengers as LOCUSTS, Beijing Subway sparks public outrage

The identity verified official weibo account of Beijing Subway was caught calling uncivilized passengers as locusts this afternoon in a tweet promoti...

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CCTV cameras

Chinese Society | Nov 9, 2013 PM

Wuhan installs 20 CCTV cameras on one pole pointing at one direction

As if Chinese cities are competing with each other to see who can install the largest number of CCTV cameras at one place.Just days after media atten...

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50000 coins

Chinese Society | Nov 9, 2013 AM

Wuhan couple receive 50000 coins weighing 300 kg,only to find all banks reject them because counting them 'troublesome'

A Wuhan couple received a payment of 50,000 yuan that consists of 50,000 one-yuan coins. But when they tried to deposit the money in his bank account...

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Surveillance camera

Chinese Society | Nov 8, 2013 PM

Shanghai police crowd more than 60 surveillance cameras on single overhead bar watching one road; demolish most of them after media attention

Authorities in Shanghai's Baoshan District have installed more than 60 surveillance cameras on one four-lane section of Youyi Road, according to ...

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My vagina says

Chinese Society | Nov 8, 2013 AM

Beijing university students sponsor 'My vagina says' activity to promote feminism

"The My vagina says" activity was organized by the Gender Activism Club of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). The activism organiza...

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Photoshopped picture

Chinese Society | Oct 29, 2013 AM

Apparently photoshopped picture portraying Anhui officials visit poor old folk draws nationwide outrage and mockery

An apparently photoshopped picture portraying vice mayor and other officials visit a poor 100-year-old woman on the official civil affairs website of...

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Calm brother

Chinese Society | Oct 28, 2013 AM

Chinese 'Calm Brother' with head pierced with knife walks calmly to hospital on his own

The pictures of a injured Chinese man walking calmly to hospital on his own have gone viral on microblogging website Weibo, China’s equivalent ...

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Chinese Society | Oct 3, 2013 AM

Shrewd peddlers profit from providing ladders for jaywalkers to scale a fence as shortcut to bus station on the other side of the street in Wuhan

Some shrewd peddlers set up several stepladders under a viaduct in front of a popular amusement park in Wuhan to help jaywalkers to scale a fence as ...

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Singlehood discrimination

Chinese Society | Oct 2, 2013 AM

Does singlehood discrimination at work exist in China? Single woman required by boss to work overtime during National Day holiday because she is single

Miss Ning works as an office secretary in a company in Wuhan, Hubei province in central China. She feels uncomfortable these days not just because sh...

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Underground building

Chinese Society | Oct 1, 2013 AM

An 8-storey dilapidated building looks like part of the foundation of neighboring skyscrapers and roads in Chongqing

It seems that the eight-storey dilapidated building are part of the foundations of some neighboring high-rise buildings and streets in southwestern C...

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