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Chinese Society | Jun 15, 2011 AM

Chinese wife publicly beats up the mistress of her husband

Just days ago, a Chinese netizen saw an astonishing incident on her way to work, when she passed by he Tancun Road and Machang Road intersection in Z...

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Anti corruption

Chinese Society | Jun 12, 2011 AM

Private anti-corruption websites modeled after India established in China

June 12, 2011, Hangzhou – Early this month a report that an Indian anti-corruption website successfully helped Indian government to ...

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Fasten with rope

Chinese Society | Jun 11, 2011 AM

Chinese man fastens his 8 year old sick son with rope

June 9, 2011, Xi'an - A predicap taxi driver, Du Jianming (杜建民) from Xi'an, capital city of northwestern Shaanxi Province, fastened his eight year...

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College entrance examination

Chinese Society | Jun 11, 2011 AM

Unyielding Chinese boy knelt moving to school for years

At 8:30am on June 7, 2011, a thousand high school students gathered at the gate of Hanyin County Middle School. With the whistling of the gate keeper...

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College entrance examination

Chinese Society | Jun 11, 2011 AM

Chinese boy kneeling moves to attend national college entrance examination

At 8:30am on June 7, 2011, a thousand high school students gathered at the gate of Hanyin County Middle School. With the whistling of the gate keeper...

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Naked sunbathing

Chinese Society | Jun 10, 2011 AM

Chinese woman seen naked at home for sunbathing

Following words are copied from, a Chinese social website.Baring breasts in broad daylight, how open the beauty in the building across i...

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Wu Yuanbi

Chinese Society | May 23, 2011 AM

Migrant woman died days after she performed her own surgery with kitchen knife

June 4, 2011, Chongqing - “After this cut,if I am cured, my family will not be burden on any more; if I die,my family will be relieved of a lot of m...

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Yao Jiaxin

Chinese Society | May 20, 2011 PM

Death sentence upheld for murderous driver Yao Jiaxin

May 20, 2010, Xi'an - The Higher People's Court of northwest China's Shaanxi Province announced its decision to uphold the death sentence of Yao Jiax...

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Chinese Society | May 18, 2011 AM

8-month Anji atrophied infant died after BCG vaccination

Ruirui was born on Spetember 21, 2010 in a happy family of Anji County, Huzhou City of Eastchina's Zhejiang province. But only after a month, all the...

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Passenger Facial Expression

Chinese Society | May 15, 2011 AM

Pictures Depicting Facial Expressions of Bus Passengers Gain Popularity in China

The attached picture titled “Wuhan Bus Passengers Facial Expressions Version 2.0” is designed by a Wuhan people. Wuhan is capital city of central C...

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Bao Ernai

Chinese Society | May 14, 2011 AM

Police cracks internet mistress agency, price of college girls marked clearly

May 14, 2011, Beijing – Recently some "College girl Ernai agency" (Chinese:网络高校二奶中介) or mistress agency for college girls has...

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Performance art

Chinese Society | May 8, 2011 AM

Artist sentenced to reeducation through labor for performing sex art openly

May 8,2011,Beijing - Currently the lawyer of Cheng Li is applying administrative review while netizens are discussing fiercely whether his performanc...

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Tian Houbo

Chinese Society | May 7, 2011 AM

A female beggar was crushed to death one hour after injured by the same truck

May 6,2011,Chongqing – On the way home in the evening,Tian Houbo knocked down a female beggar. He quickly drove away from the spot. But he came back...

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Tianlin Street Incident

Chinese Society | May 6, 2011 AM

Leading characters in Tianlin Street Incident admit they know each other

May 4,2011,Shanghai - Yesterday a local reporter of Morning Post in Shanghai confirmed after investigation that the Tianlin Street Incident (田林街...

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Sora Aoi

Chinese Society | May 5, 2011 AM

Japanese AV star Sora Aoi crazily pursued in Nanchang Auto Festival

On the morning of April 30, Central China (Nanchang) International Auto Festival 2011 opened in the International Exhibition Center of Nanchang. When...

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Hubei drought

Chinese Society | May 5, 2011 AM

Hubei Drought reaches extreme level,rainfall in 58 counties hits lowest level

May 4,2011,Wuhan – Reporters is informed from the Wuhan Climate Center of Hubei Province that by May 3, 2011, rainfall has hit new lowest level for ...

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Five Bar Badge

Chinese Society | May 3, 2011 AM

Wuhan "Five-Bar Badge Teenage" draws national attention for his bureaucratic manners

He looks like an official, his writings have a tone of official jargon. On May 2, a group of pictures about the “general leader of Young Pioneers Le...

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Lifting quilt gate

Chinese Society | May 2, 2011 AM

A male teacher lifted quilts of sleeping schoolgirls wearing only underwear

May 1, 2011, Chengdu - Head teacher Mr. Li Ming in a vocational technical school was so infuriated by four schoolgirls who had not got up in time for...

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Chinese Society | Apr 18, 2011 AM

Dogs saved from dinner table

April 17, Beijing - More than 200 people swamped the checkpoint near Zhangjiawan to demand the release of the animals, which were being transported f...

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40 million

Chinese Society | Apr 18, 2011 AM

Professor Demands Students Have 40 Million By Age 40

Dong Fan, the director of Real Estate Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, told his graduate students that they should not go around iden...

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