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Woman rapes man

Chinese Society | Mar 1, 2013 AM

Oh no, it is not the opposite, Chinese woman rapes man on street in Chengdu!

Recently a Weibo tweet with the title ‘Strong Chengdu woman rapes a man on street’ has gone viral on Chinese social media. Although some Chinese fe...

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Anti Japanese sentiment

Chinese Society | Feb 27, 2013 AM

'Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs forbidden here'; Beijing restaurant's nationalistic statement draws criticism in China

A sign in a Beijing restaurant reads ‘We do not serve Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs’. The group of photos were shot by a foreign reporte...

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Lawn dyed green

Environment | Feb 26, 2013 AM

Does Chengdu use toxic colorant to dye city view lawn green to make the city look more environment friendly?

Several city sanitary workers were spotted spraying green colorant to dye roadside lawn along the Chenglong Avenue in Chengdu, capital city of Southw...

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Make money by doing homework

Chinese Society | Feb 24, 2013 AM

Shrewd businessman: Chinese primary school student makes money by doing homework for classmates

The mother of the grade five primary school student noticed that her son did homework almost everyday during the 30-day long winter vacation. She was...

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Wanted poster

Chinese Society | Feb 19, 2013 AM

No, it is not a wanted poster; Hunan parents put up notice requesting internet cafés not to allow their teenage son to access internet

How to treat the bad habits of the children has perplexed millions parents around the world. A Chinese father from Shaoyang city, Hunan province has ...

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toddler poop in airplane aisle

Chinese Society | Feb 18, 2013 AM

After subway carriage, airplane aisle is also the place for Chinese toddler to poop

As Chinese travelers start to go back to cities after short reunion with their family members and relatives, transportation chaos as well as uncivili...

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Man marries dwarf woman

Chinese Society | Feb 3, 2013 AM

Chinese Thumbelina: 26-yr vs 35, 175cm vs 90, Chinese man luckily marries dwarf woman in a country where gender imbalance is expected to produce 50 million bachelors by 2020

special couple from Xiaojiang town, Pingyang county, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province in eastern China, registered their marital status in local civil...

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Shen Jilan

Entertainment | Feb 2, 2013 PM

Democracy with Chinese characteristics: 84 yrs old Shen Jilan elected deputy to NPC for the 12th time; Never cast a ‘No' vote in 60 years of service as lawmaker

84 years old Shen Jilan was elected deputy to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), the country's top legislature, on Wednesday January 30, 2013...

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Beijing Gay wedding ceremony

Chinese Society | Jan 31, 2013 AM

Wedding ceremony of Beijing gay couple tolerated and welcomed by the public, but ruined by a 'bastard' son

The gay wedding ceremony was held in a restaurant on the afternoon of Jan. 30, 2013 in Pinggu District, Beijing. Wearing wedding suit and gown, the g...

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Live with python

Chinese Society | Jan 30, 2013 AM

The amazing story of a Guangdong boy who plays, sleeps and lives with a gigantic PYTHON for years, which is big enough to swallow an adult human

Most people are scared to see a snake, not to mention a gigantic python. But it is not for A Zhe, 13 years old boy from Dongguan city, Guangdong prov...

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Body painting

Entertainment | Jan 29, 2013 AM

Chinese ink-painting on white skin of topless young models: Eight senior artists perform body painting action art publicly in Chongqing

Eight senior artists performed body painting action art on 16 topless models in traditional Chinese painting style in front of hundreds of spectators...

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Zhu Ruifeng

Chinese Society | Jan 29, 2013 AM

Muckraking journalist ‘invited to have tea’, anti-corruption heroine detained, more high ranking officials involved in Chongqing sex scandal still at large

Chongqing is a metropolis city located in China’s southwest while Beijing is in the north. But the 1000 kilometers of distance could not prevent Cho...

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Chongqing sex video Extortion scandal

Chinese Society | Jan 25, 2013 AM

After Lei Zhengfu, 10 more high ranking officials sacked as investigation of Chongqing sex scandal expands; Prostitute hailed as anti-corruption heroine

The 10 officials should have had no sense of the thought that they could be toppled down by a pretty, lovely and apparently powerless girl when they ...

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House built on bridge

Chinese Society | Jan 24, 2013 AM

China's 'most land-saving house' demolished one day after the house built on bridge draws nationwide attention

The three-floor house that was built on top of a bridge in Zhejiang has been forcefully demolished 24 hours after it draws nationwide attention.The s...

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Diana Peng Dan

Entertainment | Jan 23, 2013 AM

Sexy Chinese actress and Hong Kong porn star Diana Peng Dan to advise CPC on how to enhance sex appeal

Chinese have envied other nations for allowing sexy porn actresses to contest for presidency with other formally polite male candidates for decades. ...

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Company training

Chinese Society | Jan 19, 2013 AM

Watch the military-style company training video: Waitress group performance in Dandong Arirang Restaurant goes viral in China

With their synchronized marches, loud chants and teambuilding exercises, you might mistake these girls as part of the North Korean military. Well, th...

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Yi Junqing

Chinese Society | Jan 18, 2013 AM

Mistress proves to be key player in China's anti-corruption mechanism; Top Marxist theorist and party think tank official fired after mistress exposes their affairs online

Unlike in the west countries where rule of law, free press and independent investigation committee play the fundamental anti-corruption roles, China ...

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Crocodiles stoned to death

Chinese Society | Jan 17, 2013 AM

To overcome their suspicion that the motionless hibernating crocodiles are not real ones, Chinese visitors throw stones at them, killing most of the animals in a Shenzhen zoo

Crocodiles would have survived if they had no habit of hibernation in winter.A local report that several crocodiles have been stoned to death by unru...

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Man beats up woman

Chinese Society | Jan 16, 2013 AM

Savage attack in broad daylight: Chinese man beats up young woman on street, as indifferent passers-by just look on, thinking difficult in meddling in others' domestic affairs

Outsiders should not interfere in others' 'domestic affairs', this principle are applied perfectly by the Chinese state, as well as the tiny cell of...

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Shoot living chicken to death

Chinese Society | Jan 15, 2013 AM

Is it too cruel: Ethnic Korean shoot chicken alive to death with arrows in Northeast China?

On the Yanji Ice and Snow Festival that took place in Yanbian Ethnic Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Northeast China's Jilin province, ethnic Korean ...

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