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Self castration

Chinese Society | Aug 4, 2013 AM

Jiangsu man conducts self castration because wife restricts sexual frequency to once a year to punish him for being unable to afford an apartment

The tragedy happened in a rented apartment in Wuzhong district, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province early morning August 1, 2013. The 38 years old man with...

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Sky villas

China Economy | Aug 3, 2013 PM

Will the roof houses survive possible forceful demolition? Houses built in the sky by Hunan developer are ruled as illegal and not allowed to be sold

In a densely populated city, land has become so expensive that real estate developers are thinking of building houses in the sky as the one in Hengya...

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Woman captures man

Chinese Society | Aug 3, 2013 PM

Changchun quick-thinking and tough woman captures man when he jumps off 6-story apartment window, saves him

The quick-thinking Changchun woman draws nationwide applause and admiration for her swift action to save her husband life by grabbing firmly his ankl...

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Shandong fishing boat massacre

Chinese Society | Jul 21, 2013 AM

Death voyage across Pacific Ocean: 11 Chinese men kill 22 fellow crew members; All 11 convicted and 5 to be executed

It sounds like a Hollywood thriller: 33 crew members started off to the ocean, when the fishing boat returned after 8 months, only 11 men were left w...

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Fake certificate

Chinese Society | Jul 6, 2013 PM

Hubei police confiscate over 20 thousand fake certificates, diplomas and stamps

As we have reported, Chinese can not survive to some extent without certificates and permits issued from the government and other government sanction...

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Pile of shit

Chinese Society | Jul 6, 2013 AM

'Do not touch me, I am a pile of shit', says a note affixed on a newborn baby's face by hospital stuff in Hunan

Giving birth to a baby is a happy moment for most parents, but for Ms. Tang, the fresh mother that gave her first baby boy Haohao in the Yueyang City...

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Xiaolangdi Dam

China Travel | Jul 6, 2013 AM

Very yellow, very violent, Chinese tourists swarm to Xiaodangdi dam to admire the miraculous

"Yellow River Xiaolangdi Waterfall-Watching Festival" is becoming a hot tourist attraction in Luoyang, Henan province in central China. The...

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Algae bloom

Environment | Jul 6, 2013 AM

Qingdao beaches covered with massive algae bloom provides a rare chance for Chinese beach-goes to view the grassland that is usually available hundreds of kilometers away

Qingdao is not only famous for its beer but also for its many beaches that line this picturesque coastal city in Shandong province, east China.  ...

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Sex ratio at birth

Chinese Society | Jun 30, 2013 AM

More than 30 million Chinese men will be lifetime bachelors by 2020 thanks to years of abnormally high gender imbalance at birth

Normally the sex ratio at birth stands between 102 to 107 to every 100 girls, but in China the sex ratio has remained averagely 120 for the last two ...

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Dog attacks

Chinese Society | Jun 29, 2013 PM

Shall China ban residents from raising large dogs? Frequent attacks and killings by Tibetan mastiff spark outrage against dog owners and national debate on urban dog control

The death of a 3-year-old girl from Dalian of Liaoning province and the injury of an 8-year-old girl from Yuncheng of Shanxi province has set off &nb...

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Take turns having sex

Chinese Society | Jun 28, 2013 AM

Learn Chinese new phrase: ‘Take turns to have sex’ goes viral on China’s social media

Chinese language is so profound and powerful that English speakers may not be able to imagine.Thanks to the profoundness of powerful Chinese language...

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Siblings drown

Chinese Society | Jun 27, 2013 AM

All three left-behind siblings of a Jiangxi rural family drown to death

Three siblings of a rural family drowned in a pond in Wenqing village, Honggutan New District, Nanchang city, Jiangxi province in central China, Jian...

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Little girl rescued

Chinese Society | Jun 23, 2013 AM

8-year-old Wenzhou girl rescued after dangling from balcony anti-theft net with her head stuck between bars

On the afternoon of June 22, an 8-year-old little girl was seen by one of her neighbours dangling from the balcony anti-theft net of her sixth s...

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Forced flooding

Chinese Society | Jun 22, 2013 PM

Man drowns in Weihe river forced flooding under eyes of tens of rescuers after trapped on small riverbed, waiting TWO hours in vain desperately for rescue

June 20, 2013, a fishing man trapped on a small riverbed was finally swept away and drowned by rising Weihe River forced flooding after waiting ...

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Parking accident

Chinese Society | Jun 20, 2013 AM

Zhejiang novice driver crushes her husband to death and kills herself when trying to back car into parking spot, witnessed by their 6-year-old daughter

In a country where driver's license can be bought, drivers that are granted a driver's license are not necessarily skilled enough at running ...

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Luxury car

Chinese Society | Jun 20, 2013 AM

It looks like street luxury cars bumping game: Anhui father and son vent their spleen by driving Benz and BMW to bump into each other on busy city street

For most Chinese nationals, owning a car is still one of the many Chinese dreams that President Xi Jinping has introduced as new Chinese political ja...

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Emergency escape tool

Chinese Society | Jun 17, 2013 AM

Hubei to replace hammer with brick as emergency safety device in public buses, inspired by mental patient's insane action

The deadly bus fire in Xiamen that killed at least 47 passengers early this month reminds the nation how important an emergency hammer could be in re...

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Giant Yellow Duck

China Economy | Jun 2, 2013 AM

Shanzhai Giant Yellow Duck sprouts across mainland China

From brand name handbags to smart phones, as claimed by some critical Chinese netizens, it appears true that there is nothing Chinese can not success...

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Violent law enforcement

Chinese Society | Jun 2, 2013 AM

Are they government officials or actually hired mafia thugs? Watch how Tianmen city planning officials in Hubei 'enforce law' to carry out forced demolition

We have reported some cases of successful struggle of Chinese residents against forced demolition of their nail houses, actually the recent case in T...

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Driving Practice

Chinese Society | May 30, 2013 AM

Never to practice driving on ROOFTOP of buildings as what the Lanzhou brother and sister did that cost their lives in seconds

It causes no problem that roof of a building is used for playing chess, as place for people to enjoy the cool in summer evenings, or rarely, as place...

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