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Dog fighting

Chinese Society | Sep 17, 2012 AM

Dog fighting sport played in dog market in East China criticized as animal abuse

September 17, 2012, Bozhou - Recently a dog market in East China's Anhui Province has drawn national attention. Different from other dog markets in t...

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Inspection in rain

Chinese Society | Sep 16, 2012 AM

Chinese officials performing inspection in artificial rain using water gun draws criticism

September 15, 2012, Leshan - Fire-fighting water gun shooted water and when the water fell it turned to be a "rain". Several Chinese officials stood ...

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Chinese dwarf mother

Chinese Society | Sep 8, 2012 AM

What a miracle: 39 years old, 0.7-meter tall Chinese dwarf woman gives birth to twins

September 8, 2012, Chongqing - Standing at just 70cm tall, 39 years old Chinese dwarf women Chen Guoqin from Chongqing municipality in southwest Chin...

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Chinese quadruplets

Chinese Society | Sep 7, 2012 AM

Chinese mother has numbers shaved onto the heads of her quadruplets so others can tell them apart

September 4, 2012, Shenzhen - "One, Two, Three, Four, let's go to school!" the mother Tan Chaoyun said loudly to her four sons who are quadruplets on...

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Compulsory education

Chinese Society | Sep 3, 2012 AM

Rural Chinese pupils required to bring own desks to school

September 8, 2012, Wuhan - September 1st is the opening date for most schools and universities in China. Parents of pupils in Shunhe Town, Macheng Ci...

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Car crash

Chinese Society | Sep 2, 2012 AM

5 of 7 family members killed in car crash on way of bringing kid to register with university

September 2, 2012, Chengdu - Five of seven members of a family including a child were killed when the minibus carrying the family bring their proud k...

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Diamond studded lingerie

Environment | Sep 1, 2012 AM

Sexy Chinese model shows off 5 million RMB diamond-studded lingerie at Nanchang Wedding Exhibition

September 1, 2012, Nanchang - On August 31 at the 2012 Nanchang Wedding Exhibition two pairs of diamond-studded lingeries worn by sexy Chinese model ...

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Head bald shaved

Chinese Society | Aug 30, 2012 PM

Chinese girls have their heads bald shaved to protest against sex discrimination in higher education

August 31, 2012, Guangzhou - Yesterday, four girl students had their heads bald shaved in public under the Wenta Bridge in Guangzhou, capital city of...

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Dog refuge

Chinese Society | Aug 27, 2012 AM

Dogs starve to death in large numbers due to lack of food and medicine in Taiyuan dog refuge

August 27, 2012, Taiyuan - Love Home is the only dog refuge for wandering dogs in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi Province in North China. The dog refuge ...

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Rational patriotism

Chinese Society | Aug 22, 2012 AM

Bikini girls placing dagger in between their legs called for rational patriotism in Shenzhen

August 22, 2012, Shenzhen - There was a wave of anti-Japanese protests that rocked Chinese cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Hangzhou,...

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Topless environmentalist

Environment | Aug 20, 2012 AM

Topless environmentalist protests against Ginseng planting in Beijing

August 20,2012, Beijing - Yesterday a company from Tonghua of Northeast China's Jilin Province conducted promotion activities for its Ginseng product...

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Cow model

Chinese Society | Aug 19, 2012 AM

Bikini girls show up as cow model in the milking cow beauty contest held in Shanxi

August 19,2012, Taiyuan - The first cow beauty contest of China opened in Hutong Village of Gucheng Town, Shanyin County, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Provi...

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Snail apartment

Chinese Society | Aug 15, 2012 AM

More than a dozen snail buildings packed under a bridge approach in Guiyang

August 15, 2012, Guiyang - Under the 300 meter long bridge approach of the Shuikoushi Bridge of Guiyang, capital city of southwest China's Guizhou Pr...

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Most awesome villa

Chinese Society | Aug 14, 2012 AM

Most awesome villas seen built on roof of a commercial center in Hunan

August 13, 2012, Zhuzhou - Jiutian International Plaza, located in Lusong District of Zhuzhou City, is the most famous wholesale market for shoes in...

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Crazy English

Chinese Society | Aug 11, 2012 AM

Supporters of Kim Lee, wife of Crazy English founder Li Yang, protest against domestic violence

August 10, 2012, Beijing - Supporters of Kim Lee, the American wife of Crazy English creator Li Yang 李阳, protested against domestic violence in fro...

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Moral standard

Chinese Society | Aug 11, 2012 AM

Seeing no Chinese bystanders help a fallen old man, foreign woman shouted "Fuck Chinese"

August 11, 2012, Shanghai - According to a microblogging by Shanghai Liberation Daily reporter Zhu Chen, on the morning of August 10 an old man fell ...

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Sex scandal

Chinese Society | Aug 9, 2012 AM

Obscene photos involving Chinese Officials go viral in Chinese internet

August 11, 2012, Hefei - Recently a group of obscene photos involving communist party high-ranking officials has gone viral in Chinese internet. The ...

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Grow rice

China Economy | Jul 31, 2012 AM

Chinese farmer grows rice on house roof

Chinese farmer Tao Zhengrong (陶正荣) from Wenling City of Zhejiang Province in East China grew 0.2 mu (132 square meters) of rice on the roof of his...

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Serial missing

Chinese Society | Jul 29, 2012 AM

Yunnan serial killer Zhang Yongming sentenced to death for killing 11 men in 4 years in same village

July 28, 2012, Kunming - Kunming Intermediate Court of People sentenced 56 years old Zhang Yongming to death penalty for killing 11 men from 2008 to ...

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Chinese Society | Jul 23, 2012 AM

A park in Guilin offers half ticket price for women wearing miniskirt shorter than 38cm

July 21, 2012, Guilin - Recently a park in tourist city Guilin of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region conducts summer promotion. Those adult girl and wo...

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