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Chinese Grammar | May 17, 2011 AM

Chapter 1:Overview of pronunciation and Pinyin romanization

1. The Mandarin syllableThe syllable in Mandarin Chinese can be made up of three parts: an initial consonant, a final, and a tone. For example, the syllable má 麻 is made up of the intia...

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Miscellaneous | Oct 24, 2010 PM

Starting to Learn the Chinese Language

At first sight the Chinese Language seems one of hardest languages to learn. To english speakers who often have very limited exposure to foreign languages at school, the level of difficulty looks com...

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Miscellaneous | Oct 2, 2010 AM

Transcriptions: how to write down pronunciation

Transcriptions: how to write down pronunciationThe old Chinese became aware of the sound system of their own language when they had to translate foreign words with a meaning that could not be express...

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