Chapter 1:Overview of pronunciation and Pinyin romanization

1. The Mandarin syllableThe syllable in Mandarin Chinese can be made up of three parts: an initial consonant, a final, and a tone. For example, the syllable má 麻 is made up of the intia...

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Chinese Grammar | May 17, 2011 AM | Related:Chinese Pronunciation

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Starting to Learn the Chinese Language

At first sight the Chinese Language seems one of hardest languages to learn. But there are a number of things that are actually simpler in Chinese: spelling is phonetic; there are no complex verb declensions, no complex plurals, and no gender to nouns. Read More

Miscellaneous | Oct 24, 2010 PM | Related:Basic Chinese

Transcriptions: how to write down pronunciation

How to write down Chinese pronunciation? There are three major transcription systems: Wade-Giles Transcription, Pinyin Transcription, and Zhuyin Transcription and the Pinyin is the dominant one. Read More

Miscellaneous | Oct 2, 2010 AM | Related:Chinese transcription

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