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Chinese pronouns

Vocabulary | Jan 17, 2011 PM

Mandarin Chinese Pronouns vocabulary

Originally, Chinese had no distinction for gender in the second- and third-person pronouns, and no distinction for animacy in the third-person either. In fact, in the spoken language, they remain und...

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Chinese Grammar | Jan 17, 2011 AM

Viewpoint:Mandarin Chinese Pronouns Are So Easy

In this article I want to demonstrate how simple Mandarin Chinese is when learning the pronouns and related vocabulary. In English we have the following basic pronouns:I,We,You,He/She/It,TheyWe don't...

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Chinese Grammar | Jan 17, 2011 AM

Pronouns in Mandarin Chinese

Pronouns in modern Mandarin Chinese are known as “代词dàicí”. There are fewer pronouns in Chinese compared to English. Chinese pronouns are grouped in three basic sets - “I and Me”; “You”;and "...

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